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Temporary Floor Protection For Concrete

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Why Ram Boards Are the Ideal Temporary Floor Protection for Concrete

Construction can wreak havoc to your floors. The dust can pile up, and the impact of the fall of equipment can cause cracks. Therefore, if you do not want to redo your tiles or flooring, you need to protect them for damage. Fortunately, you can find suitable temporary floor protection products to use on any floor. Concrete flooring requires heavy-duty protection to prevent cracks on the surface. With Ram board, you get a breathable floor cover suitable for commercial and residential construction projects. Let us look at the benefits of the product.


If the floor is not protected during construction, producing high-quality floors will be challenging. Luckily, the mess is preventable using temporary floor covers. Ram board is made from breathable materials, which allow the slab to breathe. It is ideal for concrete since it has a vapour cure technology, which permits the escape of moisture from the concrete. The breathability makes it perfect for stained floors and increases efficiency; the construction crew does not need to remove the floor covers at the end of each working day. Using the product ensures your surfaces are in excellent condition without cure lines and blotchiness.


How much are you likely to spend repairing damaged floors? Construction work is expensive, and you want to keep your expenses to a minimum. Therefore, you should cover the floor instead of incurring extra money on replacement. The heavy-duty board is affordable, and once the crew lays it on the floors, they do not need to remove it until they are through with construction.

Protects against stains and spills

When many people talk about boards, they presume they cannot be waterproof. However, the floor protection board has a spill guard. That means the spills from paints or water cannot get to the concrete for 72 hours. With the temporary protection in place, you do not have to worry about stains on the floors after construction.


Sustainability is the trend nowadays, and if you want to protect your floors without damaging the environment, the flex-fibre board is the perfect companion. Not only is it made from sustainable products, but it is also 100% recyclable. You can also use it a couple of times before discarding it.

Every construction contractor needs reliable floor protection to improve efficiency and reduce costs. With this in mind, you also require a reputable supplier like Trio Plus Distribution Ltd. We have readily available floor protection products for multiple floors.

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