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Tapes & Protection Accessories

Trio Plus Distribution Tapes and Protection Accessories

Trio Plus have been in the market for over fifteen years, and it is recognised for the provision of quality floor protection products. We mostly get our business from various customers ranging from private individuals, Small Medium Enterprises, corporate, Government organization, among other prominent brands all over the world.

Tapes and Protection Accessories

Shop with us and enjoy a wide variety of tapes and fixings offered in Trio Plus Company. All types of tapes used for different roles like insulation, tapes for Ram Boards, floor protection accessories, electrical tapes, hazard tapes etc. are available. Some of the Tapes and Accessories include; White or black PVC floor tape, Seam Tape for Ram Board Hard Floor protection, Vapor-cure Tape for Ram Board, Seam.

Tape for Ram Board Hard floor protection:

a) White or Black PVC Floor TapeAre you looking for the best tape which is easy to cut, Low-tac, sturdy, and which will not leave residues or marks on the floor? Well, white or black PVC floor tape is the best deal. It is the best tape to use in Correx and Ram Board hard floor protection products.

b) Seam Tape for Ram Board Hard Floor ProtectionSeam tape is quite convenient because you can recycle it, it has an easy installation process, and it is easy to rip off. It is schemed to hold Ram Board seams together. Seam tape is very sticky. Therefore you should avoid taping directly on finished floors and surfaces. Also, the tape should not be used on wet floors because it does not allow vapour to penetrate, and wet floors require space to breathe.

c) Disposable OvershoeThe disposable overshoes are blue in colour, expendable, polythene overshoes, and long-lasting. 

d) Vapour - Cure Tape for Ram Board

The vapour-cure tape is highly porous and convenient for curing floors.

Benefits of Choosing Trio Plus to Purchase Floor and Surface Protection Products

i. We have exemplary services as they are fast, reliable, trustworthy, and excellent customer care services.

ii. Our floor and carpet products are durable, affordable, and of high quality, therefore, customers enjoy value for their money.

iii. If you place orders with us, you will experience super-fast, reliable, and free delivery services for any order you place.

iv. We offer free advice to their esteemed customers, and you can engage us online if you have any query or concern. 

v. We offer our customers the chance to experience their products by providing free samples for all stocked products.

In conclusion, if you want to learn more about floor protection products, you can visit call us on 01372 747 555. We are recognised globally for our quality floor protection products which are mainly used by the top UK house builders.

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