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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Find our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) products, available to order here from Trio Plus including our 3 ply disposable elastic face mask products. Free shipping available from the UK mainland. Contact us for a quote if worldwide shipping is required. Call our PPE product specialists on 01372 747 555 for help with your order or any queries regarding our PPE products, including our 3 ply elastic face mask products.

With at least 20 years’ worth of experience, Trio Plus is your one-stop solution for top-notch personal protective equipment. There has never been a better time to look for a supply of 3 ply face mask to help prevent the spread of infection during these uncertain times. Our disposable face masks are produced from the highest quality materials to ensure that you are perfectly protected from both airborne and grounded infectious pathogens and dust. Our team focuses on quality and safety to ensure that you get value for your money. If you need a team that responds fast in terms of product delivery, then you might want to get in touch with us and learn more about what we do. While we spend a lot of time and resources to stand out from the competition, our buyers don’t have to spend a fortune to afford the 3-ply face mask we supply.

We are a team that you can confidently rely on. You can browse through our website and take a look at the wide range of products we have for you. Also, on the site, you can talk to our experienced Sales team, who will ensure that all your queries get timely and accurate responses. In case you are unsure of the quality and reliability of our items, you can contact us for further information. We are more than happy to advise further with technical support on all our products so that you be sure to find the right product which matches your needs. At Trio Plus, we understand that an elastic face mask is not something you can find anywhere, which is why we are here to ease the tension for you. As well as our 3 ply face mask products, we are also adding many more personal protective equipment items including hand gel sanitisers, wipes and protective sticky tack mats. Talk to us today on 01372 747 555 or enquire online and we will be there to assist you by all means.

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