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Heavy Duty Sticky Tack Mat - Medium 91cm x 104cm

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Mat size: Medium 91cm x 104cm in a black rubber frame. 

Our Heavy Duty Tak Mat features cotton impregnated with tacky resin which traps dust and debris from underfoot.

This is similar in application to our adhesive Tack Mats although the mats are contained within a plastic frame with a rigid base and are longer lasting. 

These tacky mats offer an effective way to prevent foot-borne contamination from coming into or leaving any protected zones.

The free standing, multi-layered floor mats contain layers coated with a non-transferable, natural resin. When placed at the entrance to sensitive areas, they compel pedestrian traffic to step on and off the mat. The physical pressure of standing on the mat ensures that any particles on the soles of the shoes are detached and remain in the resin. 

These mats are for interior use only. If they become wet, they don't work properly. Also, please note you don't need to wipe your feet on the mats - simply walk over them. 


36 peelable layers per mats frame - When the top layer is full of dirt, peel off to reveal a new mat.

  • Layers have a high absorbency for maximum soil retention.
  • Prevents the spread of contimination.
  • Sustained protection.
  • Multiple layers.
  • Simple peel-away mat design.
  • 36 layers per mat.
  • Freestanding.
  • No hiring or maintenance charges.
  • Remove layers only when soiled. 


As the layers become saturated with dirt and soil, it can be simply peeled off and discarded to reveal a new, clean layer. The used layers can then be easily disposed of. 

The user remains in control at all times and is not dependant on collection and removal schemes provided by external services. 


These mats are extensively used in : 

  • Electronics Industry.
  • Nuclear Establishments.
  • Paint Spray Booths.
  • Optical Lens Processing.
  • Pharmaceutical.
  • Computer Data Suites.
  • Food & Drink Industries. 
  • Labs.
  • Ship Building.
  • Building & Construction.
  • Anywhere that demands a clean area operation. 

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