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Window & Glass Protection

Window and Glass Protection Film by Trio Plus Distribution

Both the window protection film and the glass protection film are films that are applied to windows to prevent them from scattering when shuttered. The film is a security measure to avoid damage to the skin in case of an accident or when the window gets broken. These window and glass protection films have extensive use almost everywhere. You can find them in cars, trains and also in homes. An adhesive coating is applied to glass and windows. Pieces of the glass are hence held together in case of damage. 

Benefits of Window & Glass Protection Film

Trio Plus window protection film ensures that you do not have to deal with annoying glares of the sun. We know reflections can be bothersome that’s why we come up with window and glass films that eliminate the annoying glares. With our window and glass protection film products, you can cut down on your spending. The glass protection film increases energy saving efficiency. The film prevents heat from escaping out during the cold months. You, therefore, get to save on electricity bills by using your air conditioner less. The glass prevents up to 90% of harmful UV rays from entering your home or car. Most people forget to apply sunscreen. The films are the perfect solution to these. You can be sure to safeguard yourself against avoidable skin diseases through the film. We all know of the annoying stains that are a hustle to clean on the windows. With this film, this problem goes away. The smooth film protects your glass from all this. It is easy to clean and also can be replaced ensuring your glass is kept safe from any scratches or stains. This way you can be stress-free of children drawing up the windows or pets scratching on the windows. The benefits of films on windows and glass are outspoken. Glass film protectors are essential not only for safety but also for glass preservation.

Why Trio Plus?

You can be assured of quality films at our company and also timely deliveries. At Trio Plus we also offer same day dispatch for our UK clients. Our UK mainland clients also get to enjoy free overnight deliveries. The deliveries are always on time, and you can check up on the progress of your shipment through our technical support. Our window and glass protection film products are certified and are of high quality. Having been around for 15 years, we know the importance of quality products and delivery.

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