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How to Apply Window Glass Protection Film

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Applying a glass protection film to your windows has a wide range of benefits. It can help you block UV rays and reduce glare which damages your furniture. Reflections are not only annoying but also bad for you and your property. Protection film improves energy efficiency. During cold months, it keeps heat inside the home

The first step towards applying a protection film is choosing the shades and patterns that work for you. The options include; etched, frosted, and stained glass.

Applying Glass Protection Film


1. Prepare Your Glass Surface

Clean your glass in preparation for the process. Use a glass cleaner and a glass scraper to get rid of all dust and particles. If you leave any residue on the surface, your film may not adhere properly.

2. Prepare the Film

Begin the preparation process for your window film. They all come with a protective film. Use adhesive strips to remove it. You may need help if you have a larger film. Use mounting fluid on the adhesive side to keep the film from creasing and sticking together

Spray the film and the window pane with your mounting liquid mixture

Place your film at the centre of your window pane. If you have trouble pushing the film, you may not have used enough mounting fluid

Spray the back of the film for easy handling

Press your assembly liquid evenly towards the rubber seal. Start from the middle to the right, and then to the left. Press it until there is no residual liquid left under the film

Dab the edges gently using a clean soft cloth

3. Edge Sealing

After installing an outer film, you need to seal the edges from the outside. After drying, use vinegar-free silicone.

4. Clean the Surface

Let the film dry for up to three days. During that period, avoid touching it and keep it free of dirt and dust. After a few weeks, it is safe to clean your window film. You may use a cotton cloth or paper towel.

You don't need any special solutions to clean the glass. Use regular glass cleaners or detergent. Use cleaners that don't contain acids. Acidic materials can damage your glass protection film.

Glass is a popular choice for modern buildings. You can use a protection film on your glass windows. It allows you to enjoy natural lighting without having to put up with the harmful effects of UV rays.

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