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Hard Floor Fleece Protection

Fleece Floor Liner is the ultimate hard floor protection product; perfect for anybody who wants to protect a wooden or tiled floor against spills and the mess that DIY can cause whereas our standard white and budget grey fleece are perfect for light protection (e.g. decorators sheet). It is easy to apply, and can be left in place for up to five weeks whereas the standard and grey fleece isn't self-adhesive and therefore can be left indefinitely. One of our bestselling products to the TV/ Film industry - ideal for studios and location sets. At a metre wide and 25 metre or 50 meter long, a roll of our floor protection fleece can cover most domestic rooms.

  • Polythene backed - prevents any fluids penetrating the protected hard floor underneath
  • Anti-slip - safe to walk on, even when wet, helping to reduce accidents in the workplace
  • Re-usable - saving you money
  • Self-adhesive - the Premium fleece stays in place without taping, sticks tight and safe without damage to floor beneath, using a patented lo-tac adhesive. (please note other fleece liners are not adhesive).
  • Supplied on a handy, portable roll - quick and easy to lay and reposition. 
  • Inexpensive - compared to costly repair or replacement of damaged hard floors. 
  • Produced from natural materials - environmentally friendly!
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