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Ram Board

Ram Board is an award-winning hard floor protector suitable for all types of applications. It is a well established number one choice for professionals in the USA and is now available in the UK from Trio Plus!

Born on demanding US construction sites and high-octane Hollywood film sets, Ram Board is re-usable, non-staining, heavy duty, impact resistant, waterproof, and breathable. The roll protects from impacts, dirt, and liquid penetration, making it a much better solution than plastic, cardboard, and dustsheets.

Ram Board can be used on all types of hard flooring including wood, vinyl, and natural stone making it extremely versatile. Easy to cut and form, Ram Board is ready to use for your projects. Just tape edges with Gaffa tape to form an impenetrable barrier. Supplied on a handy, portable roll, Ram Board is also easy to lay and reposition.

To learn about recent projects using Ram Board and updates on this exciting product, view the official Ram Board news page here.

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When Should Ram Board Hard Floor Protection Be Used?

  • When you have expensive hard floors to protect, including oak and marble.

  • When you have a large area to cover and protect quickly

  • In industrial situations where you don’t have time to wait for newly laid floors to cure

  • When you’ll be using plant such as fork lifts and want to protect the floor from damage


Ram Board lets you get on with the job:


  • Waterproof. Ram Board repels water for days. Perfect for peace of mind when carrying out messy jobs over valued flooring. Ram board is safe to walk on, even when wet, helping to reduce accidents in the workplace!

  • Protects your wall and your floor. Each roll includes Wall Guard with built in custom creases that protects walls from splashes, scuffs, and debris. An inexpensive solution that saves on costly repair or replacement of damaged floors and walls

  • Vapor-Cure technology. Ram Board is breathable and doesn’t leave behind blotchy finishes and eliminates cure lines

  • A green solution. Ram Board is composed of 100% recycled natural materials and is 100% environmentally friendly. The rolls are even re-usable - saving you money!

  • Trusted by all. The go to product among contractors, home improvement networks & architects. For homeowners, they wouldn’t recommend anything less


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