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Sports Hall Floor Protection

The sports floor is the most important part of any sports hall venue and it needs to be protected. Indoor sports hall floors are regularly subjected to heavy impacts from vigorous exercise, as well as being subject to spills of water or juice that can damage the surface.

To protect your flooring investment, consider investing in products such as indoor sports matting systems that will provide a protective layer between your floor and foot traffic. There are many different types of indoor sport mats available on the market today so make sure you match them with your specific requirements!

school-sports-hall-2.jpgWhen Should Ram Board Be Used? 

  • When you have a special sports floors surfaces to protect from unusual or heavy foot traffic.
  • For exam room flooring to prevent damage to the floor caused during chairs and tables during exams.
  • When you plan to use the sports hall or gym for purposes other than sport, such as theatre performances and concerts.
  • Durable, easy to handle and store, re-usable and cost-effective, Ram Board is the perfect partner for your indoor sports flooring hall or gym floor.

If you're looking for a more permanent solution to protect your school sports hall flooring, then consider installing Ram Board. This durable material is easy to lay and made from recycled rubber and plastic that has been shaped into sheets which are then compressed under pressure. It provides excellent indoor sports hall floor protection against spills of water or juice, as well as being able to withstand heavy impacts such as during a sports match. Ram Board is the perfect partner for your indoor sports flooring hall or gym floor.

Up until recently, we were unable to offer anything that was suitable for sports floor protection during exam time. We now recommend Ram Board temporary floor protection for this application as exam room flooring protection in sports halls. Ram Board is significantly cheaper than druggets which can cost up to £6k for a typical indoor sports hall floor.

In a sports hall or gym, furniture and seating can create damage to the floor. The sports floor protection needs to be strong enough for heavy chairs and tables, but light weight so it is easy to move them if necessary, for other events. Ram Board temporary floor protection is the perfect antidote to hundreds of desks, chairs, bags, dirt and foot traffic on sports floors and surfaces in school gyms and halls.

Why use Ram Board for sports hall floor protection?

Ram Board is easy to lay fast and flat so there is no need to make sports areas off limits to students or visitors. As it is supplied on rolls, it is easy to apply and transport, meaning it can be quickly used to cover large areas of indoor sports flooring including indoor basketball and five-a-side pitches.

Ram Board is made from recycled paper and card, so it's not only durable but also environmentally-friendly. As the number one indoor sports hall floor protection product in America, it is the preferred brand of many architectural firms, several of whom have named Ram Board in their project specs for by huge brands including Wal-Mart. Designed for contractors working on demanding construction projects, the indoor sports flooring protector can stand the toughest of tests (such as being driven over by a forklift truck) while keeping the hard floor underneath intact and undamaged.

Ram Board is a significantly cheaper temporary sports flooring protection option than druggets, which cost up to £6k for a typical indoor sports hall floor.

Whatever the surface, we recommend Ram Board is best cut with a utility knife for a perfect fit. Heavy duty construction grade tape should be used on the seams. Please note that the curing rate when tape is applied may vary.

For any enquiries regarding your indoor sports hall flooring protection please call our flooring specialists on 01372 747 555 for assistance.