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Sticky Tac Matts FAQs

Sticky Tack Matts are the materials of choice for the protection of your floor from dirt and dust. They are used as a flooring surface and are removable which means they can be moved to another location without having any sticky surface residue left behind. The sticky tac mat can be applied to any hard flat surface and it will adhere to the surface.

When you walk into a room, your shoe soles carry some dirt or other contaminants which may be harmful to equipment or an environment that requires contamination control protection.

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What is a Stick Tac Matt?

A sticky tac matt is a floor protection product made up of a multi-sheet adhesive material capable of picking up dirt, dust and other contaminants left on the floor by shoes, push-cart wheels or other movable objects passing over them. The sheets are layered in such a way that if any sheet gets dirty, the layer can be peeled off to reveal a clean one underneath it. Every sheet is numbered so that users know precisely how many sheets are left.

Sticky tacky floor mats are made from non-hazardous materials which have been fully certified as completely safe to use by human beings and animals. Each multi-layer mat comprises of 30 or 60 layers of adhesive coated polyethylene film. The top layer has a clear film on the surface which needs to be removed to expose the first adhesive layer. Both sides of the 30th sheet are adhesive so that it can stick to the sheet above it and the one beneath. The lifespan of each layer depends on the volume of traffic and by extension, the amount of wear and tear it is subjected to everyday.

Advantages of Using Sticky Tac

Data rooms with sensitive equipment, hospitals, doctors' surgeries, manufacturing sites and all other places that require a dirt-free environment can be saved from dust, dirt and other harmful contaminants by using sticky matts for protecting their floors.

If you operate a high traffic work site where people or wheeled objects frequently move to and from, it is inevitable that the floor becomes dirty and unsightly as a result of frequent exposure to dirt and dust. Air-borne particles add to the layer of dirt as they settle on the floor, and they can easily be transferred from one area of the room to another through the sole of the shoes worn by people moving around the room.

What A Sticky Tack Mat Prevents

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A sticky tac mat is more than just a piece of level cloth that is placed on door entrances and floor surfaces. The benefits of having this type of mat are undeniable. Apart from being a decorative element, it stops common messes and keeps floor surfaces clean and safe from all sorts of contaminants. Besides, it also saves homeowners, business owners, and offices the time and energy needed to do day-to-day floor cleaning. Sticky tac mats made to keep floors free from:


Dust from outdoors carries several types of unwanted agents which can pose serious health risks. However, with a sticky mat, it becomes easy to manage and reduce dust build-up. Unlike regular doormats, Trio Plus tacky mat is equipped with multiple layers of hygienic film that effectively capture dust from wheels, underfoot and other forms of traffic. The adhesive layers collect and grasp dust particles thus preventing them from being transferred indoors. For optimal dust and other contamination prevention, one can install it at entrance points. Alternatively, it can be used as a standard floor mat.


Most of the dirt and grime in homes come from shoes and foot traffic. Dirt can be a menace particularly in places like hospitals and high offices where cleanliness is vital. When it accumulates, dirt can lead to microbial growth which can cause infections. Trio Plus mats have resin coatings that pull, gather and stop large volumes of unwanted dirt coming into a workplace or office. Additionally, the mat keeps floors clean and prevents them from being stained and smudged with dirt. This translates to easy floor maintenance which is crucial in preventing premature wear.

Slips and Trips

Trips and slips are rampant in wet and smooth surfaces. Such accidents can be very dangerous not only to kids but to adults alike. Trio Plus tacky mats provide a slip-resistant surface which is the first defence for individuals entering a premise. Being sticky, the mat doesn’t move across the floor which makes it even safer. These mats can be used in construction sites, clean rooms, server rooms, offices, bathrooms, stairs and other smooth surfaces where there may be heavy usage such as footsteps or wheeled traffic.


Debris, whether from plastics, construction materials or other sources, can increase the chances of physical injuries. If not controlled, debris can make a place look very untidy. With a tacky mat from Trio Plus, it becomes easy to trap and prevent debris from getting into homes and workplaces. The mat can be placed strategically in spaces where debris is a nuisance. Get custom, versatile and high-quality tacky mats today from Trio Plus.

How Do You Apply Sticky Tack Mats?

The mat should be applied to the floor with the adhesive side facing upwards. The edges of the mat should line up evenly on all four sides. For best results, remove any dirt or debris present on any surface where you will place the mat and go over it again to get off as much oil, grease and other substances as possible using a sponge or a disposable tissue.

Apply pressure by pressing down firmly on the sticky tacky surface for at least 1 minute. This will work out all existing air bubbles and ensure that adhesion of both surfaces is optimised. You may find stucco walls give better hold than tile floors if your area needs protection from liquid spills like coffee, milk, etc.

Also good for children.

Availability of Sticky Matts

Trio Plus is the go-to company if you are looking for a reliable supplier of high quality temporary floor and surface protection products in the UK. We supply high grade sticky tac matts which meet ISO quality standards. Our services are very quick, and we can deliver at no extra cost on the next working day if an order is placed before 4.00 PM within mainland UK. Protect the high traffic places in your work place by getting in touch with our flooring team on phone or online.

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