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Foam Floor Liner

Here at Trio Plus Distribution we have been working tirelessly to provide you with the best floor protection products. The hard floor protection foam floorliner completely and accurately lines your carpet providing it with the most advanced protection possible.

The Foam Floor Liner is designed to line the interior carpet up the back, front, as well as even up its sides. A consistently perfect fit of the interior surfaces is obtained through the use of digital laser measurements.

A high-density material has been used in the construction of the foam liner to provide surface friction and allow for rigid strength. The liner comes with advanced surfacing channels that ferry debris and fluids to a lower reservoir.

The reservoir comes with additional channelling to reduce fluid movement. When the fluids become trapped inside the reservoir, it becomes easy to get rid of them via the door sill. By this time, the fluids will be far from your clothing and shoes. You should, therefore, not expect to find any mess. 

Rear Foam Floor Liner

The rear liner has taken into account the same design features used in the front liner. The liner is manufactured using thermopolyolefin—a custom blended TPO. The TPO can retain its flexibility even under extreme weather conditions while remaining wear resistant.