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Breathable Protection

Breathable floor protection products available at Trio Plus.

There are many times when a permanent flooring surface will need to be protected from accidental wear and tear. This is particularly the case when referring to commercial or residential construction projects. Trio Plus Distribution appreciates the fact that this form of protection needs to be easy to work with and highly durable while still providing the proper amount of surface ventilation. This is why we are pleased to offer our Ram Board line of breathable floor protection products. What benefits can customers expect to leverage and why will these temporary surfaces represent the perfect solutions for projects of all sizes?

Tough, Reliable and Easy to Use

Our Ram Board line of protective surfaces has been designed in such a way as to enable quick and reliable installation. However, they are durable enough to withstand challenging on-site conditions for up to six months if maintained properly. The breathable nature of these products should likewise be highlighted. Thanks to a proprietary "vapour cure" process, underlying surfaces such as concrete and wood will be provided with the proper amount of ventilation. In other words, our Ram Board products are no longer required to be removed at the end of each workday. This can save time as well as money; particularly when dealing with challenging projects. We should finally mention that these products have been designed utilising completely renewable materials and they are 100 per cent recyclable.

Quick and Streamlined Installation

While our Ram Board breathable floor protection products offer second-to-none levels of durability, they are also supplied in convenient rolls. Transportation will therefore not present a problem. The surfaces themselves can be laid out in no time at all and customers can choose to utilise them on multiple occasions if desired. They are highly resistant to staining and the inclusion of our patented Spill Guard™ technology provides an addition layer of protection against substances such as mud, oil, paint, and water. In fact, it is even possible to wash our Ram Guard protective barriers with detergent up to three separate times before they will need to be replaced.

Do you require superior levels of floor protection for an upcoming construction or renovation project? Is it necessary to safeguard sensitive surfaces from accidental damage? If so, our Ram Guard surfaces will prove to be invaluable additions. Please contact Trio Plus Distribution to learn more or to order yours today.

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