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Carpet Protector For Painting Skirting Boards

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Painting your skirting board is a messy task. It can cause a huge mess, especially on your floors. If you have carpet or hardwood floors, the last thing you want is to mess it up with paint. Therefore, you will need carpet protection products to keep your floors spotless and in perfect shape throughout the process.

How to apply carpet protectors for painting skirting boards

The following steps should guide you through the process:

1. Gather the necessary materials

Start by collecting the items you need for the process. You will need the carpet protector like a masking tape. Masking tape is an ideal type of carpet protector because it stays in place and is gentle on your carpet. It is also easy to remove and it does not leave behind any damages to your carpet. The width of the tape needs to be at least two inches. This will help make sure that the protector stays in place even when you walk on the carpet.

2. Apply the protector carefully

You need to be careful about how you apply the protector on your floors lest you want it to not perform its purpose. The best thing would be to begin in a corner and proceed towards the end. If you choose masking tape as a carpet protector, you can find the end and use the tape roll as the guide. Also, ensure you hold the tape tight against the board so that you do not miss a point or the tape doesn’t come off.

3. Make sure the carpet is covered 100%

You need to make sure the carpet is completely protected. You can do this by ensuring that you cannot see any part of the carpet. Make sure this is the case even if you have to put down an extra layer of protector material.

Final word

Using a carpet protector does not just protect your floors from getting damaged by the paint. It also helps you keep you from dragging fluff from the carpet inside your paint. Once you are done with the paint job, make sure you let it dry before you remove the carpet protector. That way, if you have to repaint, you do not have to redo applying the protector. Note that you can research the market for different types of carpet protection products depending on the type of carpet or floors you have. 

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