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How do I Protect my Carpet When Remodeling?

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Are you planning to redecorate your living room or is a new child on the way? If so, the chances are high that a bit of remodelling is in order. Whether referring to a small one-off task or a more in-depth project, there are several steps which need to be taken in order to guarantee a quick completion.

One important concern involves knowing how to protect your carpets from wear and tear, stains, spills, and similar situations. Let us take a look at some expert suggestions.

Prepare in Advance

You will first need to determine what types of hazards exist. This will help to highlight the type of protection that is required.

Keep in mind that dealing with substances such as paints and solvents will require a higher level of protection when compared to ensuring that dust and debris do not enter into the carpet fibres.

Assuming that you are worried about such issues, it is a wise choice to procure more durable forms of protection.

Self-Adhesive Carpet Rolls

The majority of industry professionals recommend that the use of a carpet protection roll is the best choice for the majority of projects. Some of the primary advantages of such systems include:

  • Ease of installation.
  • They will remain firmly in place throughout the duration of the project.
  • These impermeable membranes are also able to block paints, water and solvents.

It is also important to mention that these rolls represent a very cost-effective option and that they are available in a number of different dimensions (depending upon the requirements of the project in question).

The Addition of Drop Cloths and Runners

Although carpet rolls represent the first and most important line of protection, these can also be used in synergy with other common materials such as drop cloths and runners (particularly to address areas of high traffic between rooms). 

The bottom line is that adequately protecting a carpet is one of the best ways to avoid timely and costly repairs after the remodelling project has been completed. Please feel free to examine our line of products in order to fully appreciate your options.

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