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How To Remove Glass Protection Film

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Glass protection films offer a variety of benefits for residential and commercial properties, from eliminating annoying glare from the sun to adding style to plain windows with individually designed decals. They are also useful for giving property owners or office workers some much needed privacy or to prevent glass panes from shattering into innumerable pieces if damaged. In fact, there are an extensive variety of benefits to using glass protection films at home or in the workplace.

How to remove glass protection film from windows

Window film is generally easy to remove but, if it has been on the glass for a long time, it may break into smaller pieces when you attempt to peel it off.

If you need to remove existing film from your windows, it needs to be done correctly to prevent small sections of film or adhesive from being left on the glass, so make sure you follow these essential tips:

1. Loosen one corner of the film and peel it diagonally away from the glass in a smooth, slow motion. With luck, the entire sheet will be removed without splitting or tearing.

2. If the protection film covers a particularly large area, you can score it into smaller sections, but take care not to damage the glass underneath.

3. With the film removed, the adhesive may remain on the glass, so spray it with soapy water (use 1 tablespoon of soap to each pint of water), ensuring the film is fully covered.

4. Lay sheets of newspaper to the adhesive and wait for approximately 20 minutes while the adhesive softens.

5. Once the adhesive is soft, scrape it off gently with a razor scraper, taking care not to damage the glass beneath.

6. Finally, clean the glass with an appropriate cleaning product and dry it thoroughly.

This method should enable you to remove the window protection film completely, without damaging the glass surface and return the window to its original state.

You can now consider applying new film to the glass, from the extensive range available at Trio Plus.

Trio Plus: for all your surface protection needs

At Trio Plus, we can supply an extensive range of temporary surface protection products for domestic and commercial solutions. From window and glass protection to floor and door coverings, we supply only the highest quality products, and our expert staff can advise you on which solutions will best address your requirements.

For more information, feel free to get in touch today.

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