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Why Use Carpet Protection Film?

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Why Use Carpet Protection Film?

There are many benefits to using a carpet protector, not least the desire to prolong the life of a carpet. If you live in an environment where family members or pets may be prone to making a mess or spilling drinks and other items, a carpet protector may prove to be the perfect solution. By spending a little extra money you will protect your carpet from all kinds of spills, foot traffic and building and decorating residues. In addition, use of a carpet protector can also guard against odours and fading from sunlight.


How does it work?

Carpet protectors are made of a self-adhesive, temporary film, and depending on your requirements this can come in standard or a more heavy duty variety, and the film provides up to 45 days of carpet protection. The film comes on convenient rolls and is safe to use as it is non-skid and crease free, although caution should still be used. The product is easy to apply and this can be done by hand or with an applicator.

What is the film made of?

The film is composed of water based and eco-friendly materials, and the product is extremely durable and resistant to punctures. The self-adhesive film leaves no residue and is suitable for most carpets other than those that are 100% wool or silk carpets. However, not only can the film be applied to carpets but it is so versatile that it can be used for a range of other surfaces such as vinyl, lino, tiles, marble, glass, countertop surfaces and hardwoods.

Where can I purchase carpet protection products?

It is important to ensure that you purchase carpet protection products from a reputable and established company such as Trio Plus. We are a globally renowned company and has been in business for more than 20 years. During that time customers have included Buckingham Palace, Royal Ascot and the Houses of Parliament, not to mention a wide range of luxury hotels. The company also have a number of films and television series on their roll call of customers, and have supplied their products to Hollyoaks, The X Factor and Casino Royale to name a few!

The high level of customer service Trio Plus provides extends from individuals to large national and international organisations such The National Trust and the NHS. The company welcome enquiries and visits and also offer a price beat guarantee on all their products as well as free next working day delivery.

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