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Floor Protection Product FAQs

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Floor protection products are layers added to a floor surface to reinforce it to prevent damage to the floor. These products include cover guards, adhesive films, surface pros, ram boards, and other surface protection products. The choice of what floor protection product to use depends on the flooring material used.

Why Use Floor Protection Products?

During construction, it is important to keep your floor safe. This will prevent extra expenses of mending your floor after the construction is done. For this, you can use the temporary floor protection product. Investing in floor protection products is also cost-effective. This is because the products are by far cheaper than the floor itself. Investing in floor protection, therefore, saves you the extra cost of maintaining and repairing your floor. The products are also used when decorating or doing a paint job. This is important to prevent the floor from getting damaged by the paint or decorating materials

What Floor Protection Product To Use

When seeking a floor protection product, it is important that you get the right product for the job. There are a variety of protection products depending on the floor material and the purpose intended for the product. There is the painter’s board which is used mainly for large painting projects. The painter’s board is convenient if you have a large area you need to be painted. You can use it to avoid damaging your floor with paint.

The cover shield is effective to prevent against fire and is used mainly in laboratories, military bases, hospitals, and industrial areas. The kraft shield is used mainly to safeguard against foot traffic, paint and spills. The neo shield is used to safeguard against high impact drops, foot traffic and also spills. You can use the same product for your floor as well as the other areas of the house. This is especially when doing paint jobs. For a carpet protection film, it can last up to 60 days. It is easy to install as well as remove since it is light and tearable.

Where To Get a Floor Protection Product?

When seeking a floor protection product, it is important that you get good quality products and the right price. Having good quality products will ensure the longevity of products as well as the protection of your floor. At Trio Plus you can get quality products that will ensure the protection of your floor.

How To Protect Indoor Sports Flooring

Sports halls are often used to accommodate a wide variety of non-sporting activities from school assemblies to pupils sitting exams. Although floors are resilient to the use of balls and trainers, heavy usage by people wearing non-sporting footwear can cause untold damage to the flooring.Why is maintenance of indoor sports flooring important? The proper maintenance of indoor sports flooring is crucial [...]

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The Benefits of Ram Board Protection

Ram Board is a temporary floor protection material developed for industrial, commercial or residential use. Besides protecting floors, it can also be used as protection for other surfaces such as stairs, counter tops, thresholds and wall surfaces.This heavy duty, breathable product, provides several important features and benefits which include the following:Easy transportation – this temporary protection product is different to most [...]

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Benefits of Tac Mat Floor Protection

High-traffic areas in work sites can look unsightly due to frequent exposure to dirt and dust as people and wheeled objects move in and out. A sticky Tac Mat is usually placed at high-traffic areas in workplaces to capture dirt and dust from the bottoms of shoes, wheels and other moving things. Sticky mats find great use in clean [...]

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Types of Carpet Protection Products

Walking into your house after a party and seeing the damage on your carpet is the worst feeling ever. You can avoid all this by adding carpet protection on your carpets when you have guests or while you have construction underway. You can prevent spills, burns and paint spills on your carpet and keep it clean no matter the traffic. [...]

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How To Choose Window Protection Film

4 Factors to Consider When Choosing Window FilmsWindows brighten your office. They provide visibility by letting in light, and making the office lively. However, they expose your business to external threats. If people can see what is inside, it is only a matter of time before thieves rob you. A window protection film is an adhesive layer applied to [...]

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Types of Floor Protection Products

What Type of Floor Protection Suits Me?With so many types of flooring available today, it is wise to consider the following factors when deciding on the type of floor protection to choose.Is the Type of Floor Protection Flame-Retardant?Every year, we often witness serious fires at construction sites. Building undergoing renovation have also seen a surge in cases of fire [...]

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Guide To Ram Board Protection

Ram board is a heavy duty material used to protect floors from damage. With this material, the floor will stay in perfect condition even when you spill liquids on it or scratch it. The product is construction-grade, and it is made of 100% recycled materials. It is also good enough to be reused multiple times. When shopping for temporary floor [...]

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Why Use Floor Protection Products?

Floor protection is essential for new and old properties. However, most homeowners emphasise on protecting floors from external factors and overlook potential sources of damage like furniture legs. Unprotected furniture can grind debris and grit on the floor finish, creating scratches. Heavy pieces of furniture develop gouges hence, the need to apply a layer of floor protection to extend its [...]

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Benefits of Stair and Carpet Protectors

Whether at home or in commercial and industrial properties, staircases and reception areas are high traffic zones which are usually more at risk from wear and tear than other areas. If you have an event taking place, or renovation or building work going on, carpet in these areas can be at even higher risk from spills, dirt and grime, and [...]

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