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Guide To Correx Plastic Sheets

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Correx plastic is currently a much-in-demand product. Its durability, flexibility and affordability make it suitable for numerous applications and it is slowly replacing such materials as hard-board or plywood. The product is readily available from Trio Plus who provide speedy distribution and delivery of Correx plastic sheets throughout the UK.

Correx floor protection

What is Correx?

Correx is corrugated plastic made from high-impact polypropylene resin. Correx polypropylene plastic has a sandwich-like structure with a corrugated layer of plastic nestling between two smooth plastic outer “walls”. This structure produces an extremely light, yet strongly robust and resistant, multi-purpose material. Importantly, polypropylene plastics like Correx can be recycled. It is tough and weather resistant, suitable for inside/outside use. Its composition means it is impervious to water, oils, solvents and even harsh chemicals. Correx can have various additives melt-blended into it to make it anti-static, flame-retardant, anti-corrosive, etc, according to necessity.

What are Correx plastic sheets?

For ease of handling and installation, Correx floor protection is on the market in the form of sheets. The standard corrugated plastic sheeting, suitable for floor and surface protection, is 2mm thick, with variations available according to its destined use: the thicker the Correx (up to 5mm), the better the impact/crush resistance. The standard size sheet (1.2m x 2.4m) suits most consumer needs. Correx sheets come in easy-to-handle compact rolls, these are readily available from Trio Plus Distribution who provide prompt, damage-free delivery.

The advantages of Correx

Protecting floors, or any surface, with Correx is a super-speedy operation. This sturdy material is really light and easy to manipulate: just fold, position, cut (use a knife or scissors), then use gaffer or duct tape to hold it in place. Its long-lasting durability means it can be used again and again, re-shaping as necessary. Correx is versatile, flexible, and easy to cut, curve and bend into practically any shape. It is waterproof, ideal for outdoor use; it is non-toxic and also resistant to chemicals. Despite its light-weight presentation, it is a heavy-duty, crush-proof, impact-resistant, sturdy material that will exceed your expectations.

Common uses for Correx plastic sheets

Correx sheets are mostly used for floor protection, although the sheets can protect any type of surface. They are widely used during building, renovating or reconstruction projects, or any project that involves moving furniture or heavy items, to protect surfaces (flooring, door-frames, walls, etc) from the usual hard knocks that occur when moving. Construction sites make ample use of this versatile low-cost material. Correx is also widely used in sign-writing: its weather-proof properties make it the perfect material for signage. Recently it has proved useful in the assembly of model aircraft and even pet cages, and Correx is also ideal for re-usable packaging and containers. Available options include: made-to-measure sheets (dimensions and thicknesses); anti-static and/or flame-retardant additives; and print options for personalised Correx sheets.

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