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Door Protection During A Move

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Top Tips On How to Protect Your Doors and Frames When Moving

If you plan to move to a new house or move some of your furniture, property damage is one of the things you should plan to avoid. Damage to the items you are moving or parts of your house can be expensive as you will be required to make repairs, which you had not planned for. Most people concentrate on the possible damage to their fragile items like electronics and kitchen items and forget possible damages to the floor, walls and the doors along the exit routes.

This article is about ways to protect your doors and frames when moving from one house to another.

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Why should I protect doors and door frames when moving?

It is always advisable to avoid damages when moving as it can increase the total cost of moving. People moving out of a rented house will be required to cover all the repair cost through their security deposit money, meaning they will not get their deposit back from the landlord. Luckily, you can prevent damages to your door and frames using simple and cost-effective methods, as explained below.

How to protect your doors and frames when moving

Most damages to doors and frames when moving comes from bulky items like furniture and bulky electronics. However, you can prevent these damages using the methods explained below.

Cover the doors with protectors

The most effective ways of avoiding damages to your doors when moving are wrapping the doors or the items that are most likely to cause the damage. For example, you can use a door frame protector to protect your doors and frames from common damages like scratches, dents, nicks, scrapes and breakage. You can cover the entire door or just the damage-prone areas like the upper part of the door, the bottom part and the frames.

Remove the doors

You can also remove your door to protect it, especially if it is made of a fragile material like glass. Removing the door and keeping it away from the high traffic area will also help you move items faster than when you have to slow down to avoid damage.

Disassemble bulky items

Disassembling bulky items is a perfect alternative to using a door frame protector. This method prevents damage by minimising the size of bulky items to allow an easy passage through the doorways. Things like furniture are easy to disassemble. Plus, it also reduces the risk of damaging the item.