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Door & Frame Protection

Get covered against door and edge damage with Trio Plus door and door frame protection. Even the most careful tradesmen can knock exposed edges when passing through doorways carrying tools and equipment. The Trio Plus range of door jamb protection will protect edges against accidental knocks, scrapes and scuffs, saving time and money in reparation.

Trio Plus have the edge. Our reusable door frame protection, handrail and spindle protector is made from PE-LD heavy duty lightweight foam and shaped to fit snugly along door edges, bannisters, stair spindles etc. The edge protector comes in easy to cut 2 metre lengths and can be used to protect a wide range of exposed edges from damage caused by traffic on site. Door edge protector comes in packs of two with bulk and trade deals available.

Trio Plus get you out of a jamb. We use the Ram Board brand of door jamb protection. Made in the USA, it’s the best door frame and architrave protection money can buy!

Ram Board’s door frame protection is heavy duty, flexible and reusable. With no tape or adhesive necessary, the door jamb protectors are easy to install in seconds – simply snap into position to protect from dings, dents, knocks scratches and scrapes. Available in 91.44cm (36”) and 152.4cm (60”) lengths and will fit widths 10.16cm (4”) to 22.86cm (9”).

Trio Plus Temporary Door Protection Covers

Trio Plus Dust Door Duo reusable protection cover allows the work area to be screened to contain airborne dust. The Dust Door Duo is made from strong polypropylene which is tough and resists tears and punctures while allowing air to move in and out of the room which helps paint or plaster to dry. It has a sewn in zip door that goes all the way around allowing for easy access with machinery. The high quality German made door protection sheets come in a large 110cm wide x 220cm high size with tape for fixing is included.

Don’t let accidents cost you time and money – we have it covered! Trio Plus is dedicated to the rapid supply of high quality, temporary floor and surface protection. We offer free, fast, guaranteed next working day delivery. Our products allow you to prepare job sites quickly and professionally,  preventing costly clean ups and damage.

With a quick, friendly and reliable service, we supply temporary floor protection for contractors and home users with products that offer superb value for money. We are always happy to help – call us on 01372 74755 or use the online chat for friendly advice about you door and surface protection needs.

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