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How To Protect Doors From Damage

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Door protection is a crucial part of door maintenance. Doors are going to wear out over time and door protection can help protect against this. Trio Plus provides door protection that will shield your door from damage and give you peace of mind that it won't fall apart in the future. They offer different levels of door protections depending on how heavy duty you want them to be.

This blog post will cover three ways you can use door protection for your doors: light duty, medium duty, and extra heavy duty. Each section goes into detail about what each level entails so you know which one would work best for your needs!

Door protection

Light door protection

Light door protection is the most basic level of door protection available. It's also the cheapest and easiest to install. This door will protect your door against scratches, scuffs, light dings, and scrapes that can come from average wear-and-tear. If you have a child who likes climbing on furniture or if they are always running in and out of doors then this might be what you need!

Medium duty door protection

Medium duty door protections offer more than just basic scratch prevention like with light duty covers do. They're able to withstand anything but major damage such as cracks or chips which means it'll work for people in most environments from day to day.

If you have a door made of metal, glass, or fiberglass then this door protector will be perfect! It's the easiest to install. This door will protect your door against scratches, scuffs, light dings and scrapes that can occur over time.

Heavy duty door protection

If you're living in a multi floor building where there is more than one person on floor then this heavy duty door protector is perfect for you! Door protectors are able to do their job is by ensuring each door has a strong and flexible frame. The door also comes with weather-resistant sealant.

This door guard will come in handy if you live alone or have children who like not only running through doorways, but climbing up furniture as well! You'll be able to keep your door looking new without the hassle of having it replaced every few years because they were damaged from day-to-day wear. This guards prevents chips, cracks and scuffs that happen over time.

If you aren't sure which door protection is right for your needs , just give us a call. We have door protection for doorways, interior or exterior doors. Trio Plus is proud to offer door protectors so that you can make sure your door lasts as long as possible without costing much. Call our flooring team on 01372 747 555 with any enquiries.