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Correx Hard Floor Protection Sheets 120cm x 240cm (2mm thick) - Select your pack size

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Secure Your Surfaces with Correx Floor Protection Sheets

Indulge in the resilience and durability offered by Correx floor protection sheets, offering steadfast defence for hard flooring and diverse surfaces. Extending their use beyond commercial and industrial surface safeguarding, these versatile Correx sheets also excel in providing protection for pet enclosures, creation of signs, crafting hobbies, and more.

In the span of the last thirty years, Correx has outperformed conventional materials such as plywood and hardboard/masonite, presenting itself as the preferred choice. Engineered as an extruded polypropylene sheet, Correx's fluted protection board is prevalent in construction and refurbishment ventures due to its lightweight, yet sturdy construction.

Spotlight on Correx Sheeting's Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 1.2m x 2.4m (8'x4'), securely packed in rolls for safe delivery.
  • Fabricated as a 2mm/250gsm thick, fluted design extruded polypropylene sheet.
  • Capable of being personalised with printing.
  • 100% waterproof, feather-light, and user-friendly.
  • Exceptional resistance to impacts and chemical exposure.
  • Ideally suited for rapid protection of expansive areas, perfect for flooring and surfaces.
  • Equally suitable for pet cages and hutches.

Outstanding Impact Resistance

Providing exceptional impact resistance, the Correx protection sheets ensure the preservation of your hard floors' aesthetics and longevity. Regardless of whether you have wooden or laminate floors, Correx guarantees effective protection, safeguarding your valuable investment.

Flexibility and User Convenience

The quality and user convenience of Correx set it apart. Its exceptional flexibility permits easy cutting, scoring, folding, and bending to cater to your unique requirements. This adaptability earmarks Correx as the leading choice for hard floor protection in construction projects, DIY efforts, and professional renovations.

Swift and Extensive Coverage

Benefit from rapid and effective protection of extensive hard floor areas with the large 240cm x 120cm 2mm thick Correx sheets. Safeguard your valuable flooring with comprehensive waterproof coverage, saving time in the process.

Your Trusted Ally for Construction, DIY and Professional Refurbishments

Renowned for its versatility and reliability, Correx protection has found favour across industries. Correx excels in shielding surfaces and preventing damage, proving essential for construction sites, DIY activities, and professional renovations. Its durability and light weight make it the go-to choice for numerous applications.

Customisation Opportunities

Besides the standard black Correx sheets, we also offer a translucent white variant. Please specify your preference while placing your order. Furthermore, for orders exceeding 500 sheets, we allow overprinting with your company information, enabling personalisation of your floor protection while creating a lasting impact.

Trade Deals and Customer Service

Interested in negotiating a trade deal for this product? Get in touch with us today at 01372 747 555 for a customised quote. Our dedicated team is on hand to address your queries or requests. Take advantage of our expertise and discover the wide array of possibilities with Correx floor protection.

Speedy and Complimentary UK Shipping

At Trio Plus, your convenience is our priority. That's why we provide speedy and complimentary shipping across the UK, guaranteeing punctual and secure delivery of your Correx floor protection sheets. Enjoy a seamless delivery experience coupled with exemplary service.

  1. Great product, careless packing   Posted by Nigel on 22nd Nov 2020

    The product is brilliant but one end of the core xroll was slightly crushed. Just as well I was not using the edges of the sheet