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Hard Floor Protection Foam Floorliner 100cm x 50m

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Floorliner Foam Self-Adhesive Hard Floor Protection 


  • Colour is white with neutral reflection. It offers essential protection against paint splatter, lumps of brick, plaster, dust and dirt.
  • It is impermeable to paint, water and any other liquids, offering guaranteed protection for all floor types and including stairs. 
  • In addition, it is completely safe by virtue of its anti-slip side.
  • With its unique composition, this cover sheet provides excellent protection for all surfaces, and the product is easily reusable.


  • 3-layered protection.
  • Safespray Resin Layer → has a light adhesive anti-slip finish keeping Protect-It in place, remaining flat & smooth and does not shift, resulting in increased safety.
  • Non Woven Felt  Layer → cushioning effect and impact protection against falling objects.
  • Polyethylene Foil Film Layer → avoiding fluids to penetrate high-quality flooring.

Benefits of Hard Floor Protection Foam Floorliner 

  • Does not rip or tear but easy to cut and fit.
  • No toxic substances.
  • Easy to install, including skirting boards - no additional equipment or tape needed.
  • Upon removal, no stains or marring.
  • No cleaning needed afterwards.
  • Antislip, watertight, shock-resistant.
  • Reusable, up to 8 times.
  • Leaves no residue.
  • Waterproof.
  • Impact protection.
  • Easily Recyclable with domestic waste.


Use onsite : For a safe working environment, with maximum protection and minimum maintenance & cleaning costs.

Around the house : every home should have their roll of Protect-It offering safe & clean protection. 

In schools or in a handy-craft environment : offering safe & clean protection during creative processes.

  1. seller sent different product   Posted by Arta More on 7th Aug 2020

    I used this product in the past and it is very thick and self adhesive. Excellent product.
    This time I received 2 rolls of cheaper version not as thick completely different brand. When I asked to resolve this problem I've been emailed to use the cheap version. Unsatisfied with the service company is running