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Sticky Mats: All You Need To Know

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Tack Mats are a common tool used to mark out areas for service or delivery. You can use them on hard surfaces like concrete, paintable floors, and carpets with some adhesive padding or double sided tape for traction purposes.

Tacky Matts

How do you use tacky mats?

The first step involved is to remove any loose debris such as hair or dirt. The sticky mat is then applied to a surface and the system of using sticky mats can begin, for example on trolleys, bed frames or wheelchairs. When dealing with bulkier items like hospital beds you will need to use more than one tacky mat. A sticky mat is typically placed horizontal to the door. This method can cause an operator to only put one foot on the mat, but correct placement should include placing the tab away from traffic - this encourages both feet touching the mat at least once.

How do you stick mats?

When placing, peel off the bottom layer if your mat has one and lay it down sticky-side-down. Starting from one end of the doorway, slowly wave your hands back and forth as you press the mat against floor in order to let any air bubbles release around it before it is stuck to the surface.

How often should tacky mats be changed?

It is important to remove the top layer after about 50 walkthroughs or less. Some people will need more than one mat and others may only require a single mat for their usage, but this depends on the amount of dirt people have on their shoes, dust in the air, where they are walking (for example if someone has a cart), among other factors. With our sticky matts, you get 30 or 60 layers of top sheet which is plenty to keep you going without having to change the mat out regularly without the need to buy new ones every time.

What are adhesive mats used for?

They are used as a floor protection within assembly lines and manufacturing facilities. When working with large tools or machinery it is essential that they do not come into contact with the floor. This will keep both productivity high, as well as damage to a minimum should anything topple over. Tacky mats are placed on the floor and come in a variety of sizes depending on the area you need covered. The size of your tacky mat will depend on what will be using the space, such as customers or employees; if it is open plan then you may require a larger sized sticky pad.