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Why Floor Protection Improves Exam Results

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When it comes to studying for an exam, students want to do their absolute best. This is why many schools and universities around the world are looking for ways to improve exam conditions. One way that can help your student perform better in exams is by using floor protectors from Trio Plus. Floor protection improves your environment by reducing noise levels, creating a more calming space for students to concentrate on their work without being distracted by what's going on around them.


Trio Plus floor protectors are a great way to improve your exam conditions and give your students the chance to perform their absolute best. They come in various sizes so they can be used both inside of classrooms or study rooms as well as outside on school grounds where there's more foot traffic, such as in hallways. When you use Trio Plus floor protection for exams, it significantly reduces noise levels which means that student will have less distractions when trying to focus on an exam.

Preparing a positive, distraction-free environment for students to work in is important for exam success. Trio Plus floor protectors can help you to create more comfortable and productive study environments by reducing noise levels so students are able to concentrate on the test, not what's going on around them.

Benefits of Floor Protectors

- Reduces distractions while studying - Students perform better with less distraction when taking exams.

- Noise reduction means a quieter environment which allows students to focus better .

- Comes in various sizes that work both inside of classrooms or study rooms as well as outside on school grounds where there is more foot traffic such as hallways.

Create a positive, distraction free environment for your student's studies by using Trio Plus floor protection products. No one likes the sound of a chair leg scraping across a wooden floor whilst attempting to concentrate on some difficult questions.

The Trio Plus range of floor protection products are designed to provide a noise reduction system for school floors. With the help of these anti-slip, durable mats your students can get in the zone without being distracted by these types of unnecessary noises. There are different sizes available and laying them down is quick and easy. To find out more about the benefits of using Trio Plus floor protectors in your school, see our products available to order online or call our flooring experts on 01372 747 555 with any queries.