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Glass & Window Protection 60cm x 100m Self-Adhesive Film - Normal Wound

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Windows and other glass surfaces can be a headache during construction, renovation or decoration projects. Without the suitable protection, you risk surfaces collecting dirt, scratching or staining due to paint splashes. So, window protection film is a necessary investment if you want to keep glass surfaces clean.

Our high-quality 60 cm x 100 m self-adhesive film is easy to use because you can stick it on surfaces straight from the roll. Therefore, you don't have to worry about taping the film. It saves time and money. The roll is enough to cover windows and others surfaces, even in a big project. Of course, you can order protective film according to need.

Avoid Common Risks with Glass Protection

Our self-adhesive glass protection film is the go-to for builders, contractors, interior decorators and homeowners because it caters to a range of needs. The material is suitable to use on window frames, glazed glass panels, glass surfaces and windows. It protects surfaces from dust, mortar, dirt, water, mortar splashes and paint.

So, whether you are decorating a home, finishing a new building or renovating a bathroom, the protective film comes in handy. It safeguards surfaces from chipping, scratching and shattering during a project. Our self-adhesive film is for use on glass only. We have hard surface protection products if you need to cover non-glass surfaces.

Easy-to-Use Window Protection Film

Our protective window film is not only easy to install but safe as well. The adhesive is strong enough to last several weeks. However, you don't have to worry about sticky residue after you are done since the film is low tack. You can remove the film effortlessly, taking away dirt and debris with it. The normal wound roll makes it easy to apply the film even if you are not a building expert.

So, it's ideal for DIY jobs, including home makeovers. Glass damages quickly and is difficult to repair. Builder's dust, plaster splatters or paint could mean having to replace an entire window. Therefore, this glass protection film is a valuable investment. Get our self-adhesive window film to protect the functionality and aesthetics of glass surfaces.

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