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Multi-Use Hard Floor, Surface & Glass Protector Film 60cm x 100m Self-Adhesive Roll - Normal Wound

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This 50 micron thick normal-wound multi-use hard floor, surface & glass protector film will protect hard surfaces from pain, dust, builder's mess, spillages and more.

It will protect baths, work surfaces, cupboards, glass and any other surface in your home or workplace. Easily applied, it will give you piece of mind that your valuable surfaces will be protected.

The following information is for the purchaser and/or user of Trio Hard Surface Protection. It is a polyethylene film with pressure sensitive adhesive coating on one side. It can be either reverse wound or normal and it will say what type you have when shopping for the product in the packaging box. When applied to your hard floors or surfaces of most other types (i.e. plastic, tile), this temporary protection prevents damage from occurring due to heavy foot traffic that could happen during periods such as installation, refurbishment, renovation & building work; painting & decorating parties; messy playtime for kids inside their homes - all while keeping your home or workplace clean!

Trio is a hard surface protector that can be applied to most surfaces with glass included. To make sure it will work, you must test for compatibility before using the product and avoid application in spaces with glue or adhesive. Trio should not be used on floors with an installed adhesive until at least 72 hours have passed since installation - this allows any residual fumes from the adhesive to dissipate so they don't interfere with your new surface protection. For other surfaces such as glass panes where there are no adhesives, use of Trio may begin immediately after testing reveals satisfactory results following 24 hrs exposure time (not including initial dry time).

This product is designed for application to hard floors as well as most hard surfaces. It works as a general purpose barrier – and will protect multiple surfaces from damage. Tiles, vinyls, lino, cabinets, hardware, countertops, marble, metals and most textured surfaces, hand and factory finished hardwoods. Not suitable for carpets. It is durable & resistant to puncturing, straight forward to be applied and no residue will be left behind. This hard surface protector is also water based, earth-friendly adhesive. It is not recommended for costly furniture and electrical appliances’ surface.

It should only be applied over clean damp surfaces, or in areas that may accumulate moisture. If the surface has been cleaned beforehand, allow it to dry completely before applying this product; if there are residual cleaning products still present on the hard surface then wait until they have dissipated as well. Following these instructions will ensure that no adhesive residue remains when you remove this coating from your hard flooring without any damage inflicted by harsh chemicals!

This product should be inspected and replaced after four to five weeks of usage. If it is used in extreme heat, direct sunlight or heavy foot traffic, the material may need inspection more often. When you remove this material from its place on a hard surface if there are adhesive transfer marks left behind that were not removed before installation, use soap and water mixture to make them disappear. Trio should be kept at room temperature, 24 hours before it can applied. This ensures you have the best product for your needs and will ensure optimal results! We understand that your time is valuable, so we've made it as easy and convenient for you to shop with us.  Our staff are always available if you need assistance or have any questions about our products. We have therefore made it easier for you to get the right products as there are several different widths available – please call 01372 747 555 to obtain further details and to get prices.

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