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Hard Surface & Floor Protection, Blue, Self-Adhesive, Reverse Wound 60cm x 50m = 30m2 (326 ft2) 50 Micron Film

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Our 50 micron-thick multi-surface film will protect hard surfaces, floors and glass from paint, dust, scratches, builder's mess and spillages. It will also protect baths, work surfaces, and any other surface in your home. Easily applied, it will give you piece of mind that your valuable surfaces and floors will be well protected.

The product is used to temporarily protect HARD FLOORS AND MOST HARD SURFACES from damage during periods of heavy foot traffic associated with installation, refurbishment, renovation, building work, painting & decorating, parties, messy play for kids, home DIY etc. It is the polyethylene film with a pressure sensitive adhesive coating on one side. It can be either reverse wound (adhesive on the outside of the roll for easier application) or normal wound. It will say on the outside of the box, which product you are using.

TRIO is designed for hard floor and most hard surfaces, excluding windows. To protect glass – please call for details – we sell a window protection film. TRIO should be tested for a minimum of 24 hours to ensure compatibility with your particular HARD SURFACE. This will ensure that there is no adhesive transfer. In conditions where the HARD SURFACE has been installed with a glue or adhesive, do not apply TRIO for at least 72 hours after installation – this is to allow the adhesive vapours to dissipate. Please then test a small area of HARD SURFACE that is in a non-exposed area for an additional 48 hours. Please ensure that any hard floors are free from dust before application, as this will affect the performance of HARD SURFACE protection film.

This product is designed for application to HARD FLOORS AND MOST HARD SURFACES. It works as a general purpose barrier – and will protect multiple surfaces from damage. Tiles, vinyls, lino, cabinets, hardware, countertops, marble, metals and most textured surfaces, hand and factory finished hardwoods. Not suitable for carpets. Its durable & puncture resistant, easy to apply and leaves behind no residue. Water based, earth-friendly adhesive. It is not recommended for costly furniture and electrical appliances’ surface.

The product should not be applied over damp HARD SURFACE, or in areas that may be subjected to moisture accumulation. If the HARD SURFACE is cleaned, allow it to dry and residual cleaning solutions to dissipate. If these instructions are followed, the product will remove without any adhesive residue, or damage to the HARD SURFACE.

This product should not be left in place for more than four to five weeks. If subjected to extreme conditions of high temperature, direct sunlight or heavy foot traffic, it is recommended that TRIO be inspected and replaced with new material more frequently. If upon removal, adhesive transfer should occur, a liquid cleaner or soap and water mixture should easily remove the adhesive from the HARD SURFACE. TRIO should be stored and used in normal /ambient conditions. It should be at room temperature 24 hours prior to application. For your added convenience, TRIO is available in a number of different widths – please call us on 01372 747 555 for details and prices.



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