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Hand Gel 300 ml Bactimains GHA (ethyl/methanol) 70% Alcohol

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Hydro alcoholic gel for rapid disinfection of hands. 

We are proud to annonce that this product is increasingly being used at the NHS testing & vaccination sites.

our Bactimains Hand Sanitising Gel &  Acti’Septyl Disinfectant are widely used across an increasing number of test sites.

Bactimains GHA (ethyl/methanolhol) Hand Gel

As used by hospitals.  70% Alcohol

Hand Hygiene treatment and surgical disinfection by rubbing. 

For regular use without the worry of skin drying out or dermatitis - contains moisturising agents.

Made in UK

For hygienic treatment of hands - rub with 4ml  for 60 seconds until completely dry.
Super high quality disinfectant Gel for hygienic treatment or surgical hand disinfection by friction.
Designed for anyone who has to work in aseptic conditions (dentists, doctors, nurses)
Colorant and perfume free.


Bactericidal : NF EN 13727 (30 sec.).   
Yeasticidal : NF EN 13624 (30 sec.).  
Virucidal : NF EN 14476 on H1N1 (60 sec), BVDV (30 sec), PRV  (60 sec), Norovirus (60 sec), Adenovirus (90 sec).  * Swine Pseudorabies Virus (PRV) and Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus  (BVDV) are surrogate of HBV et HCV.    
Hygienic treatment of hands: NF EN 1500 (4ml – 60 sec).   
Surgical disinfection of hands: NF EN 12791 (2*4ml – 2*60  sec).
Packaging : Ready to use - with  plunger 300ml bottle.

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