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Floor Protection For Moving House

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Moving home is one of the most stressful events in life. There’s a lot to arrange to make sure everything goes to plan. The mail needs forwarding, utilities have to be notified, removal vans to be booked, and then you have to pack. One thing that gets overlooked is protection for the flooring. With people coming and going through the hallways and up the stairs all day long, movers often bring dirt in that can ruin carpets and hard flooring. With heavy furniture being set down and picked up, it’s easy to see why using floor protection is a great idea. A purpose-made covering that stays firmly in place is superior to a sheet that will move around and possibly trip people as they walk back and forth.

Moving Out of a Rental Property?

Usually you will have paid a security deposit when renting a place, and you will want it back! If you have looked after the floor during your tenancy, and taken time to clean the property thoroughly before check-out, you won’t want to damage the floor on moving out day. It takes just a few minutes to fit floor protection, and it will take much of the worry out of moving. Even if it's raining, the hallway will be protected from dirt and the wet. When you take it up at the end of the move, there is no residue left behind, just clean and undamaged floors.

Moving in to a New Place?

If your new home has lovely wooden floors that you don’t want to mark as soon as you move in, take time to lay down a protective floor covering before the furniture starts going in. Muck, grit and even driveway pebbles picked up on shoes won’t mark your new place. Pull up the flooring protection sheet once you are well and truly unpacked, and have a clean floor that is free from damage.

Choice of Protection for Floors

There are a few different kinds of floor covers to look at, and Trio Plus can get the right one to your door within days. A self-adhesive film goes down easily and will stop carpets and hard floors getting dirty. Applying it right to the edges makes sure every inch is protected. For extra protection that will stop impact marks on wooden floors, there is hard floor protection fleece that has an extra layer within it. Cushioning against scrapes and bashes, it keeps floors pristine no matter what is being moved in or out.