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Choosing Temporary Floor Protection

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What to Consider When Choosing Temporary Floor Protection

Whether you are remodelling, painting, or renovating your house, you need to protect your floors. During construction, the dust, dirt, heavy foot traffic and spillage can damage your flooring. As such, in order to avoid redoing your floors after every renovation project, you should consider temporary floor protection.

Choosing a temporary floor covering can be a daunting task. With the numerous temporary protection options in the market, you need to look for a product that serves the purpose. You should consider the type of flooring, condition of the surface in need of protection and the duration. Here is a breakdown of the factors to keep in mind when choosing a temporary floor covering, and the best products to protect your floors during construction projects:


Types of temporary protection

Flooring protections come in different materials and packaging. They could be in rolls, sheets, or bundles. They are also made from films, plastics, paper and wood products. Therefore, you should pick the floor coverings carefully to avoid poor performance. For instance, if the areas attract heavy foot traffic, you need floor coverings like Correx or a Ram board that will reduce the impact of the traffic and heavy equipment. You should also know that protection products from plastics and film will need constant replacement. Therefore, if your construction project will take a long time, you need to keep in mind the replacement cost.

There are many options for safeguarding your floors, but you need to make the right choice to avoid losses. When you are looking for proper temporary floor protection, check out the range of products at Trio Plus Distribution Ltd.


Whether it is a major or minor renovation project, your floors will gather dust, and the tiles will get dents from the impact. Therefore, to avoid additional cleaning expenses or floor repairs, you need temporary floor protection. Irrespective of the floors you have, you can find the perfect surface protection to suit your needs. Read on to get some tips on choosing temporary floor protection.

Consider the Surface in Need of Floor Protection

Interior floors are made from different materials ranging from tiles to wood. When picking a floor protection material, you need to pay attention to the fragility of the surface. Does it easily break on impact? What is the expected traffic during the renovation? Remember the movement of people and the impact of heavy equipment can chip the tiles and dent the floors.

Hard Floors

Floors made with tiles cannot withstand heavy traffic and impact. Therefore, you require a thick floor protection material like correx to reduce the impact of the traffic. Choosing a thin material will only attract extra costs to rectify damages after the construction project. Correx floor protection sheets can protect your floors from damage. The sheets are sturdy to withstand massive impact. Besides, correx is easy to install in comparison to hardboard. Ram board is also an excellent option for hard floors. Apart from preventing scratching, the boards are breathable making it ideal for newly finished floors. Ram boards also roll out easily. You need to cut the right size, lay it on the floor, and seal the edges with tape.

Soft Floors

Soft floors usually have a carpet. Therefore, they do not suffer from traffic and impact. However, that does not mean they do not require protection. Unless you are planning to get a new carpet, you need to protect it from dust and spills. Floor protection sheets like an adhesive roll can keep away dust and seals. Also, the protection film will stick to the carpet without a tape. However, it is advisable to remove the protection films within a month to prevent residue.

Duration of Protection

If the renovation projects take long, you need durable and breathable floor protection. Durability ensures that after a couple of months, the protection sheet can still withstand impact. Wood floors need breathable floor protection. The moisture build-up can wreak havoc. You need a ram board for such a floor.

With multiple temporary flooring options, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. Trio Plus can give you recommendations and get you the right floor protection for your need.