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Correx Floor Protection Sheets

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Correx floor protection

Polyflute Plastic Sheets offer highly durable, resilient protection for hard floors and multiple other surfaces (as well as for pet cage protection and sign-making, etc). Lightweight, easy to cut, fold and score, Correx plastic sheeting provides increasingly popular commercial and industrial hard floor protection & surface protection solution. Correx floor protection sheets are also ideal corrugated sheeting for hobbyists, craft work, sign making and for those seeking pet cage, aviary and hutch flooring protection.


Over the last 30 years Correx has replaced traditional materials like plywood and hardboard/masonite. Manufactured as an extruded polypropylene sheet, Correx is the original fluted protection board used on building and refurbishment contracts (and also ideal for crafts, sign-making and as pet cage cover).

The fluted construction provides strength and minimises weight.

Correx Fluted Plastic Sheets  Size 1.2m x 2.4m (8'x4') packed in rolls for damage-free delivery) 

Correx Fluted Plastic Sheets are suitable for protecting hard floors & multiple surfaces, is manufactured as a 2mm/250gsm thick extruded polypropylene sheet and is fluted. 

  • Can be printed on and personalised. 100% Waterproof. This provides strength, durability and is very lightweight and easy to handle. Its easy to cut & curve, crease and fit with a knife and it offers great impact protection and is waterproof. Impact resistant.
  • It is good at protecting large areas very quickly and offers superb protection to expensive flooring and other multiple surfaces. Also ideal for pet cages and hutches. 
  • It's tough, versatile, impact-resistant, water-proof, non toxic and resistant to chemicals.
We have consistent quality and very reliable delivery. Services available for overprinting with your own company details (min order 500 sheets)

In stock, ready for immediate dispatch. Widely used in construction, building & professional or DIY refurb projects, these plastic protection sheets are an extremely cost effective alternative to more traditional materials, such as cardboard or plywood. Order below or call our flooring specialists on 01372 747 555.


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