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Floor Safety For Construction Sites

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Inadequate floor safety in construction sites causes accidents. Every year, accidents are caused when workers or pedestrians ignore warning signs and leave safe paths or slip on unprepared surfaces. The best way to provide  heavy duty floor protection is via walkways.


Why Create Walkways?

Walkways are key to construction site health and safety. They clearly separate pedestrian areas from work vehicles. This separation controls and smoothes on-site traffic flow. The area of protective material requires is reduced to only the necessary amount.

Creating Safe Walkways

Signs are a solid start. However, signs will not always be enough to clearly denote where the walkways are. Instead, high-visibility mats or those with contrasting colours provide much clearer guidance for pedestrians and vehicles.

These mats act as versatile solutions to various on-site traffic problems. They guide both workers and visitors. This minimises the cost since additional floor protection is not required when pedestrians avoid walking on unmarked areas. The mats also provide a stable surface that trolleys and plant machinery can cross easily.

Slip-resistant safety mats help to avoid common site dangers like oil, grease or chemicals. They are constructed from materials that allow for flexibility and durability without sacrificing weight making them easier to move and arrange than heavy rubber alternatives.

Why use Floor Safety Matting?

The mats are provided in rolls of various dimensions making them all easy to handle. Their anti-slip properties guarantee an increase in on-site health and safety. Different colours are available so there is always a high-visibility choice. They can be laid over a variety of different ground types making them suitable for use in both wet and dry construction areas. Once the work has been completed, it is simple to clean and store them for the next project. Since they are made from high-durability materials, they provide excellent long-term value. They even require very little in the way of maintenance.

Where can you use Walkway Matting?

This type of heavy duty floor protection is ideal for areas with medium to heavy traffic. It is perfect use in construction sites with walkways or general work areas. This matting can also be used in industrial work zones along assembly lines or in production and packaging areas. The materials are even suitable for use in environments where food and drink are being processed. Even when the spaces are awkward, the mats can be cut to size without any reduction in their properties.