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Your Tak Mat Questions Answered

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Here, at Trio Plus, we often receive many enquiries relating to our range of Tak Mats supplied. We've put together a list of these frequently asked questions here to help you when it comes to ordering the right product from us. 

When Do I Need to Use a Tak Mat?

Tacky mats can be placed in any buildings which require clean and germ-free corridors and/or rooms. They are designed to pick up any contamination carried into premises on footwear or wheeled objects. This means they are ideal for the pharmaceutical and food and drink industries as well as the intensive care units and ER rooms of hospitals.

For the electronics industry, mats can be specially ordered with an optional anti-static ESD treatment to keep labs and data centres free of dust and contaminants.

What Type of Surface Can a Sticky Mat Be Used on?

Our mats work best on hard flat surfaces such as tiling, concrete or wood.

How Safe Are Tak Mats?

Compared to other types of floor covering, a tak mat is much safer. They are constructed of a thin material so they don’t represent a tripping hazard or cause an obstruction for any equipment with wheels. Their self-adhesive backing means that they adhere to the floor surface so there is no danger of an accident being caused by the mat slipping.

Another reason for their safety is that the mats have been constructed out of materials which don’t pose a threat to human health.

Finally, all our mats have undergone rigorous testing under a maximum load of 150kgs and received ISO certification. If installed and used correctly, these mats can be 99.9% efficacious in ensuring hygienic environments.

How Long Does a Mat Last?

The durability of the mats depends on the volume of foot traffic into the premises. With fewer people, it might only need to be changed once a day.

Can a Tak Mat Be Reused?

No. The peel-off design of our adhesive-coated polyethylene mats means that they are used only once and then discarded. The benefit of this is that the time-consuming process of cleaning the mat is avoided. It is also much more hygienic since there is no guarantee that shampooing a carpet will remove all harmful bacteria.

Why Choose Trio Plus?

If you have any other questions about these mats or wish to discuss a customised order, please do not hesitate to contact one of our experienced representatives.

Whatever the size and nature of your premises, Trio Plus is the one-stop website for all your temporary floor and surface protection needs. With free next working day delivery in the UK and preferential pricing for bulk orders, we offer high-quality products tailor-made to meet the needs of your business.