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Benefits of Tac Mats For Hospitals

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Improving Hygiene and Safety in Hospitals with Sticky Tac Mats

Hospitals, clean rooms and other sensitive environments have to be careful about the surroundings. These areas demand a high level of cleanliness and safety that is hard to achieve just by cleaning. With people coming and going every few minutes, especially during peak hours, these environments require more effective solutions. Tacky mats are some of the flooring products that you can use on a hospital and other hygienic settings. A tacky or sticky tac mat consists of peelable layers with adhesive. When the sticky surface comes into contact with a shoe or other surface, it removes dirt, debris and dust. Trio Plus carries a range of sticky mat that you can buy for hospital use.

Here's why these mats are worth spending money on.

Reduce Accident Risks

Slip and falls are not uncommon in hospitals and other hygienic environments. During the cold season, it can be hard to keep floors dry. As people enter the hospital, they can track water from walking in the rain or stepping into puddles. Wet floors increase the risk of falls. Hospitals must take caution to keep patients as safe as possible. Sticky mats at the entrance of the hospital go a long way in doing that. People wipe their wet shoes on the mat and minimise the risk of slip and falls, and save you the potential legal repercussions.

Improve Hygiene

Tacky mats help hospitals maintain a certain level of cleanliness. The mat will remove dirt particles, lint, dust and also anything else that might be stuck on shoes soles. Placing sticky mats at hospital entrances ensure that the place can handle high foot traffic without needing cleanup every few minutes. The advantage of sticky mats is that you can get them in varying thickness.

Avoid Contamination

Hospitals have to adhere to high sanitary standards to facilitate proper and quick recovery of patients. Contaminants can cause hospital infections that can interfere with patient recovery. Certain areas such as burn units are overly sensitive to contamination and demand the highest cleanliness standards. In laboratories, foreign objects can contaminate samples, making them useless. Tacky mats capture dirt and other particles from shoes, medical cart wheels and gurneys. They prevent the transference of contaminants hence, keeping the environment healthy.

Sticky tac mats can serve more than one purpose to make sure a hospital meets it required hygiene standards. Trio Plus has superior quality and versatile tacky mats that can transform hospital flooring. You can purchase the mats in a variety of colours to give floors some personality.