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Types of Floor Protection Products

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What Type of Floor Protection Suits Me?

With so many types of flooring available today, it is wise to consider the following factors when deciding on the type of floor protection to choose.

Is the Type of Floor Protection Flame-Retardant?

Every year, we often witness serious fires at construction sites. Building undergoing renovation have also seen a surge in cases of fire outbreak. With this trend in mind, it is important to ensure you choose a type of floor protection that will hinder the spread of fire. Therefore, before purchasing that carpet or those tiles that you have been thinking about, ensure they are LPS1207 certified.

Our floor protection products are flame-retardant and certified to meet the loss prevention standard.

Sensitivity of the Surface

Do you have a gloss surface and want to ensure that you have maximum protection? We are ready to offer just the right prevention technique to ensure that you don't have debris trapped between the temporary floor protection and the floor.

We have the protection fleece that will ensure you avoid such scenarios.

Ease of Removal

When deciding on a temporary protection, go for floor protection products that will be easy to remove. You don't need to struggle while removing the protection. With this in mind, carpet film should not be applied on hard surface such as wooden or marble floors. This is because, the adhesive film may become tacky making it difficult to remove.

Being the leaders in the industry, at Trio Plus Distribution, we have alternatives such as the hard carpet film that will eliminate this hindrance. We offer buffer boards and floor protection boards that are easy to lift.

Impact Protection Level

In case you are anticipating huge traffic and heavy tools being placed on the protection, then we advise going for one of our floor protection products. They come in a variety of sizes and thickness to ensure that they survive huge loads without damaging the floor. We have the right protection to ensure all your needs are met.

Type of Floor

There are different types of floors available, each of these require different protection. These types include wooden floors, hard surfaces, and carpet. Our protection products are designed to ensure your floor does not get damaged. They absorb impacts, making the floor look new.

When deciding what floor protection type to go for, make sure you consider the factors stated above. This is the only way to ensure that you get the right protection.