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Benefits of Reusable Floor Protection

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Benefits of Reusable Floor Protection

Are Reusable Floor Protection Products Beneficial?

Contractors and subcontractors strive to produce billboard worthy projects while limiting costs. Therefore, their focus is on constructing the best buildings while mitigating the mess. How do they achieve that? The answer is quite simple; they invest in protective materials. Reusable floor protection products guard the floors during construction, saving time and money. Armadillo surface protection is the new kid on the block. However, its ability to protect floors in construction environments is unmatched. Read on to discover the features and benefits of using the product.

What is Armadillo surface protection?

Industries are coming up with creative ways to improve their environmental sustainability. Armadillo surface protection is a result of such innovative practices. It is made from 100 recyclable plastic materials, which reduces the number of plastics in the environment. Therefore, you can conserve the environment while protecting your floors. This reusable floor protection product is sturdy and provides heavy-duty protection from stains, spills, water, and dust.

Characteristics of Armadillo surface protection

The Armadillo surface protection is made from tough materials, which mean you, can reuse it a couple of time before discarding it. Some of its characteristics include:

  • It is resistant to impact, which means your floors are safe from cracks in case a heavy object falls during construction.
  • Armadillo surface protection is slip-resistant. That means the contractors can walk around without sustaining injuries from a fall.
  • It is waterproof, thereby preventing water from getting to the floors and causing damage.
  • It is heavy-duty, made from sturdy materials, and can be reused.

  • Advantages

    Armadillo surface protection has the following benefits:

    Heavy-duty protection

    Construction projects are messy; the dust can accumulate, and you cannot avoid spills and stains. Armadillo surface protection guards your floors against the spillage and impact.

    Low maintenance

    During construction, it is crucial to save time and money. Therefore, the floor covers should be easy to maintain. Armadillo surface protection is low maintenance, easy to handle, and will lay out without giving you a headache. You can also cut it with a pair of scissors to fit it to any space.


    Armadillo is made from recycled plastics. Apart from reducing the number of plastics in the environment, it is easy to clean and can be reused or recycled.

    When looking for floor protection products, you need durable and affordable temporary protection products.  Trio Plus Distribution Ltd is a reliable supplier of Armadillo surface protection, among other floor protection products.