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A Guide To Correx Floor Protection

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A Guide To Correx Sheeting

What Is Correx Sheeting?

Correx is a twin-walled polypropylene material that could be described as a plastic cardboard. A corrugated form of sheeting, Correx is lightweight, durable and very easy to use making it the ideal material for use at home or in the workplace.

How Is Correx Used To Protect Against Damage?

Correx plastic sheets are very versatile as they are water resistant, impact resistant and easy to cut to shape. These sheets really come into their own when used to protect hardwood floors from scratches during a building or renovation project. Similarly, they can temporarily protect walls, plastered corners, furniture, work surfaces and door frames from knocks and bangs when moving home or office. This is due to the construction of the sheeting which makes it more robust than straightforward tarpaulin or flexible rolls of protection fabric. Correx is inexpensive and does not need any specialist tools to install. Simply use a DIY knife or scissors to cut the sheets to size, and fix together using gaffa or PVC floor tape. Large areas of floor can be protected quickly and with very little fuss. This offers a great solution for an event that might result in damaged floors caused by excessive foot traffic, such as the hallway.

Correx can be used flat or curved, but it can also be shaped in boxes or dividers for packing away more fragile items such as glass or china.

What Other Uses Does Correx Corrugated Plastic Have?

The plastic can have print added if required, and, as this material is highly durable, it can be re-used multiple times. This makes it an excellent choice for signage.

Crafters and hobbyists also use Correx plastic sheets. The material can be cut into the desired shape and size using a craft knife or strong scissors. It can also be scored and folded, and it is simple to store away.

As the sheeting is water and chemical resistant, using it as flooring in pet bird and animal housing enables it to be hygienically wiped clean. It is used to separate internal areas as well, or to offer ramps and different levels.

How Quickly Can Correx Be Installed?

As Correx Plastic sheets are light and easy to handle, they can be placed in position very swiftly. Fold, cut and shape in moments and tape into position with ease.

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