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Types of Glass Protection Films

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Glass protection film

If you're looking for an effective and inexpensive approach to enhance your home or office appearance, then protective films is the way to go. Whether it's reducing heating, cooling costs or increasing privacy protective films will prove useful. Read on to find out more on the diverse categories of window films and what type is best for Windows.

Privacy Films

Commercial and residential windows often use privacy films. There are many varieties of films for privacy. You may want to use a frosted film to block the light while letting the light through or consider completely distorting the view of the textured glass with light. If the light coming through bothers you there is another option available. You can use a complete shading film to create a white or black glass as you please.


These 4 to 8 millimetre thick films offer a clear defensive barrier for stainless steel, stone, glass and other smooth surfaces from paint, etching and scratch damage. Generally, these films are used in commercial buildings to help avert and limit vandalism and exposure to graffiti tags. Acid etching can wash the film without damaging it and can usually remove the coating without damaging the film. Scratches and damage from etching are entirely immersed by the film and cannot be transmitted underneath the film. This glass protection film is common in cities and is used by business owners to maintain a professional look.

Decorative Films

In addition to privacy, you can choose to add style to your windows for more appeal and present ability. With these films, you can have any logo, photo or design printed on your window. With decorating films, there is no limit to creativity. You have the ability to customise and create anything you can dream of. So go ahead and let your imagination take over.

One Way Mirror

You can use window films to create a one-way mirror effect. While the opposite person only sees a mirror, it allows you to look through the window. This can be done under appropriate lighting conditions. Usually, these films are used by supervisors in an organization and by the police. With these mirrors, one is able to observe the true behaviour of individuals without their knowledge.

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