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How To Avoid On-Site Mishaps

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In the UK, the construction output, including building and renovations, exceeds £ 110 billion a year. This industry constitutes about 7% of the GDP, with 25% of the construction output in the public sector and 75% in the private sector. Whether you're a professional contractor or a novice and you're performing a house renovation or refurbishment, on-site mishaps can set your project back. 

Usually, you'd think about protection products only after a mishap occurs. For example, after you've spilled a bucket of paint on your new floor. So, to help you prevent these incidents and keep costs on the low, here's a list of the top 5 ways to protect your home from damages during refurbishment or renovation.


Temporary Floor Protection

During renovation or construction, you'll be dealing with a variety of unavoidable spillages, falling hard objects and tools. And if you don't protect your home's floor, they can cause serious damages. So, to prevent additional expenses for repairs, use temporary floor protection

Trio Plus offers a wide range of hard floor and surface protection products in heavy-duty and moderate formats. To protect your floors from dust and dirt, choose Trio Plus' floor protection film rolls. It's easy to apply and you can leave it in place for around 45 days. 

On the other hand, if you need increased floor protection, choose Trio Plus' Correx, Ram Board or the Hard Floor Protection Fleece. They're waterproof, impact-resistant, and absorb any spillages.

Window Protection Film

Usually, scratched windows are the most common on-site mishaps during a renovation. It's because when you're painting, you'll inevitably get paint on your windows, which must be scrubbed clean. This leads to scratched windows. So, to save time and avoid additional expenses, use the window protection film from Trio Plus. 

They're top quality products which prevent windows from breaking or getting scratched. What's more, Trio Plus' window protection film increases your home's energy efficiency levels and lowers your electricity bills. 

Even better, the film also protects you from harmful UV sun rays. To help you finish your renovation project, Trio Plus guarantees high-performance products, free overnight deliveries, and technical support.

Protection Sheets and Stair Protection

During construction and renovation, if you don't use the right protection, your doors will inevitably get damaged. Use a door jamb protector, protection sheets or door sleeves. Because stairs are used to access the different floors of a building, they're exposed to a wide range of construction materials and traffic. To prevent serious damage, cover the stairs with heavy-duty protection fleece, which is self-adhesive. Also, apply the protection sheets over the balustrades.

Protection Apparel and Accessories

Construction-related works are dangerous. And personal protection is necessary to prevent any injuries. So, use the right protection equipment kits including helmets, latex gloves, ear defenders and goggles. Make sure the equipment is comfortable to ensure mobility.