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Sticky Tack Mats - Entrance Protection

Sticky Tack Mat (AKA tacky floor mats or tac mats )

Stick Tack Mats come unframed with adhesive backed base will stick to most smooth surfaces. They perform well, long lasting and have a low profile construction. 

This is a sanitary product that guarantees hygienic and contamination-free surfaces. 

Used to maintain a maximum dirt-free environment, for hospitals, clinics, tattoo studios, engineering, manufacturing, clean rooms, construction sites and much more.

Our Sticky Mats are 99,9% effective when correctly used, applied and when layers are peeled of as they wear out. We have an ISO-certified five step dust and impurity elimination system implemented in all our mats. The efficiency was tested under a maximum of 150kg load.

Not hazardous to health, nor contain health-hazardous materials. They are suitable for use in intensive care units and ER rooms.

We have the highest industry standards in the process of sticky mat development, resulting in high level of stickyness and dust removal effectivity, while maintaining thin profile which prevents physical issues with installation, such as stumbling, or car/bed wheel obstruction.

All our sticky mats undergo rigorous ISO standardized anti-bacterial treatment to improve efficiency. This is especially important as they are commonly used in medical environments such as hospitals, ER units, laboratories, surgery rooms.

Our sticky mats pass the ISO quality standards, as certified by CSN EN ISO 9001:2009 norm, which is fully complementary with world-wide quality standards.

Sticky mats are highly sought after by data centers and server rooms as well as semi-conductor production sites for their dust removal and dirt prevention qualities. For this purpose, we offer an optional anti-static ESD treatment for all colors and sizes of our sticky mats - please enquire if you are interested. 

The sticky mat works by capturing, with adhesives, all dirt from shoe soles, push-cart wheels, etc .

Size of mat is 90cm x 60cm. Colour is blue.

Blue is the industry standard for many laboratories, medical centers, clean rooms, data rooms and emergency departments and intensive care units.
Other sizes are available, also special orders are available upon request – call our friendly sales team! 
FREE next working day delivery – UK mainland only – Northern & Southern Ireland POA 
We ship anywhere in the world – please contact us for a shipping quote. 
Price breaks available – the more you buy, the cheaper they get! 

 How to Use the Sticky Mat: 
•  The multi-layered mat consists of 30 layers, adhesive coated PE film. 
•  Open the mat and place it flat on the surface you want to protect from dirt and dust. Remove the protective, non-adhesive clear film before use.
•  The 30th layer is double sided and is designed to stick on the floor on one side – this holds the mat in place.
•  Each layer has the number label 1-30 layers, which can be easily peeled off, once a sheet is dirty, simply peel off a fresh one – 30 sheets in total. 

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