Correx Plastic Sheeting for Hard Floor & Surface Protection

Correx Polyflute Plastic Sheets offer highly durable, resilient protection for hard floors and multiple other surfaces. Lightweight and easy to handle they provide an efficient commercial and industrial floor protection solution.

Select from 5, 10, or 30 sheet packs or ask us about our bulk buy discounts.

During the last 30 years Correx has replaced traditional materials like plywood and hardboard/masonite. Manufactured as a 2mm/250gsm thick extruded polypropylene fluted sheet, this form of protection provides extreme strength perfect for covering areas, expensive flooring and other multiple surfaces. It is used extensively by commercial organizations and industrial buildings thanks to its lightweight structure but it is equally at home in private residences.

When Should Correx Sheeting Be Used?

  • When you have hard floors or hard surfaces to protect
  • When you have a large area to cover and protect quickly
  • In industrial situations where impact resistance is important – for example when expensive floors may be marked by heavy equipment if not protected
  • As a durable alternative to cardboard for printing signs, display sheets and for sale boards

Correx is extremely versatile and can be used in sheet form for surface protection or easily converted into cases, boxes, sleeves, cartons and trays. Correx sheeting can also be printed on, making it ideal for signs, security / directional signs, house-for-sale boards and display sheets.

Correx fluted sheets are extremely lightweight and easy to handle. They are easy to cut and curve with scissors or a knife and won’t crease. More durable than corrugated fibreboards due to its fluted board design, Correx is lighter in weight than wood and both chemical and water resistant. Polypropylene is a strong material that remains usable at low temperatures and has superb chemical resistance.

Correx sheets are non toxic, available now for immediate shipping with a choice of either FR (Fire Rated LPS 1207) or non FR. Do you need to place a large order? We offer great deals on pallets for those who prefer to bulk buy (500 sheets). Ready to get started? Just click below to add to your shopping cart.

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Silver Cloth Gaffa Tape - SCGT50-50


£6.00 (£7.20 inc tax)
In stock

Silver Cloth gaffa tape for joining CORREX sheeting 50mm x 50m roll

Correx Hard Floor Protection Sheets 120cm x 240cm - 2mm thick Pack of 5 CPS-240-120-2(5)

CODE: CPS-240-120-2(5)

£36.00   £30.00 (£36.00 inc tax)
In stock

Hard Floor Protection, Correx Fluted / Corrugated Plastic 2mm x 240cm x 120cm 5 Sheets

Correx Hard Floor Protection Sheets 120cm x 240cm - 2mm thick – Pack of 10 - CPS-240-120-2(10)

CODE: CPS-240-120-2(10)

£60.00   £50.00 (£60.00 inc tax)
In stock

Hard Floor Protection, Correx Fluted / Corrugated Plastic 2mm X 240cm x 120cm 10 Sheets

30 Pack Correx Hard Floor Protection - ideal for Wood, Marble, Laminate Floor Sheets 120cm x 240cm - CPS-240-120-2(30)

CODE: CPS-240-120-2(30)

£180.00   £120.00 (£144.00 inc tax)
In stock

Hard Floor Protection Correx Fluted / Corrugated Plastic 2mm x 240cm x 120cm 30 Sheets

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