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60cm x 25m Standard Stair Carpet Protection, Self-Adhesive Roll - 60 Micron

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Our 25cm wide stair carpet protection is perfect for protecting narrow stair treads from dust, dirt, drinks, and paint. As it is 10 microns thicker than many of our competitors’ standard offeringsm it is less likely to tear or be punctured, giving you piece of mind.

With the adhesive on the inside, our rolls of stair carpet protection film are design to be easy to apply. You can simply stick them to the top of your stairs and unravel the, sticking them down as you go.

When Would You Recommend Using 60 micron Carpet Protection?

We would recommend our standard carpet protection in areas that:

  • Will see low footfall.
  • Will see heavy traffic but without stiletto shoes being worn.
  • Do not have thick carpet.

If you do have thick carpets or think that people may be wearing stilettos at a party where you would like to protect the carpet, we would recommend our 80 micron carpet protection film. With a stronger adhesive and giving added protection against punctures, this carpet protection can be used in almost any situation.

How Should I Apply my Stair Carpet Protection?

In order to ensure lasting protection for your stairs, it is important that the carpet be laid in a certain way. Starting at the top of each stair and working down will give you an even layer with no gaps between them or anything poking out more than necessary. When you are rolling your landing, it's important to leave a few inches between the end of each roll and step. This will ensure that there is plenty of room for guests who may be coming over or if someone has too large an item they want help moving into place without damaging either party involved! 

Before you can install a carpet, the surface must be clean and dry. Clean with an appropriate cleaning product or by hand-drying before rolling out protection. A proper installation will guarantee that your new rug always stays in place! Start by unrolling it onto a flat area where there is nothing blocking its movement - this could include other furniture pieces if necessary; then carefully pull up on both ends until all wrinkles are smoothed away from around each edge into the centre of the roll itself. 

Make sure to get the protection film into the edge between your staircase's vertical parts; it is easiest done by pushing with one's fingertips. Then just unroll and cover all of its treads until you're satisfied that everything has been covered well enough!

When you have reached the bottom of your staircase, use a craft knife or a pair of scissors to cut the roll.

If all of this sounds easy then order your stair carpet protection film today. You can also call our product support team on 01372 747 555 if you have any enquiries.

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