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Winter Floor Protection Top Tips

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The New Year is almost here, and as usual, the weather is about to change.  Correx floor protection will help you through the bad weather that is encountered from January to April. Entrances and floors tend to be filled with the snow and rain, which is why keeping the surfaces well protected is crucial.

Since the bad weather can affect the indoors, you need to get the right mats to keep your surface protected. The floor mats help to avoid moisture or dirt that might be left on the shoes. To get the best type of mat that is required in the reception area, you should consider the average footfall you have every day. If you have spacious entrances with heavy footfall then you require larger runners or mats to take care of the area.

Correx floor protection will never let you struggle alone when the weather gets bad in the UK. Many other tips might come in handy in case things get extreme on your end. Prepare yourself for the bad weather to help prevent your floor space being damaged or unsightly.

Whether you need temporary floor protection for a party, construction project or for your property,  Trio Plus can supply you with the right type of floor cover.

As well as floor protection, we can also help when it comes to door, window and glass protection products. Contact our team on  01372 747 555 with any queries on your requirements or send an enquiry online.