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Why Use Floor Protection Products?

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Floor protection is essential for new and old properties. However, most homeowners emphasise on protecting floors from external factors and overlook potential sources of damage like furniture legs. Unprotected furniture can grind debris and grit on the floor finish, creating scratches. Heavy pieces of furniture develop gouges hence, the need to apply a layer of floor protection to extend its life

What to Consider When Choosing the Right Product

When buying a protection product for your floor, several factors come into play. These include the type of floor, the amount of traffic on that space and the length of time the surface needs protection. You also need to factor in the flame tolerance of the product. Insurers and other stakeholders in the construction industry have developed a law that ensures that products that compromise the health and safety of users are not sold. As such, protection materials are required to comply with the LPS1207 Flame Retardant Standard, which covers finished surfaces incorporated in the building. Additionally, the product should be manufactured according to the quality assurance and certification programme accredited by the UK Accreditation Service. It is imperative to choose the right form of protection since an incorrect choice results in poor performance, the need for constant replacement and the possibility of damaging the floor. Here are tips on how to choose the right floor product based on the type of floor you are using.

Hard Floors

Hard floors include those made of vinyl, timber, marble and laminates. Though a little resilient to impact, hard floors also need protection from damage that may be caused by heavy traffic. There are different forms of floor protection designed to perform well against high impact with the most popular being correx. It consists of a twin wall polypropylene board that offers a high degree of sturdiness while still being lightweight. It is also eco-friendly as it can be recycled for reuse. The board is available in different grades of thickness, i.e., 2 mm- 5mm. As such, areas that experience heavy traffic require thick correx boards. Be sure to engage a reliable supplier like Trio Plus who are credited with supplying high-quality surface protection products.

Soft Flooring

Impact on soft floors like carpets may not be as visible as on hard floors, but you shouldn’t ignore the need to apply a floor protection product. A self-adhesive carpet protector comes in handy. You just need to roll it out and apply the layer directly to the carpet without making additional fixes. Also, you should remove the protector within four weeks of use to avoid leaving residues on the floor.