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Ram Board vs Correx Sheets

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Ram Board and Correx sheets are both perfect for temporary floor protection. They both serve to protect walls, floors, wood and tiles during constructions, renovations and engineering works. You may be wondering how these two products differ. Are there any notable similarities or differences in the usage and make of a Ram Board and Correx sheets?

Correx sheets

The Make and Models

Ram Board is made of heavy-duty flex fibre. This board uses Spill Guard Technology to enhance its imperviousness to fluids. Ram Board as well employs Vapour Cure Technology that improves the curing of newly established slabs or concrete. Correx, by contrast, is made from polypropylene material. Its sheets are light, flexible and thin-walled, making them ideal for floor protection and other internal applications.


Both Correx sheets and Ram Board play a significant role in floor protection, though the former has other applications. Correx can be moulded to trays, boxes and cans, due to its flexibility. Its lightness and ease of printing also make it suitable for creating signboards.


When it comes to product specifications, Correx claims victory over Ram Board. Its sheets are available in different sizes, thicknesses and colours. Correx is as well easier to cut, requiring either a knife or a pair of scissors. Ram Board, on the other hand, is non-staining, breathable and environmentally friendly.

Nevertheless, both products are:

  • Waterproof
  • Recyclable
  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Impact resistant
  • Cost efficient

Related Products

Ram Board has enhanced versions, for instance, Ram Board Plus that is pre-taped, Home Edition that is lighter for easier installation and Stair Armor for stairs protection. Other Ram Board related products include Trash Box, Ram Board Seamer, Multi-cutter, Edge Tape, among many more. In the case of Correx, the normal range is standard, but you can request enhanced versions. There is a flame retardant grade that offers fire protection. There is also an anti-static grade with better impact resistance for nuclear power protection. Both Ram Board and Correx are readily available at Trio Plus Distribution Limited.

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