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How To Protect Window Glass From Breaking

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Broken window glass can be a safety hazard and costly to replace. To avoid such an occurrence, a significant number of home and property owners wish they could find ways to protect their windows from breakage. Below are a few ways that could help you out.

Window Protection Film

Window security films provide a very inexpensive solution to prevent your windows from breakage. They are added directly to the existing windows and protect them from shattering, which protects you from potential cuts. Window protection films also prevent sun glare and can be used to as tint to prevent your home from prying eyes. You may also find some that are made from steel, which makes your windows hard to break even with blunt force. In turn, they protect your home from break-ins. You may also use these films to create a one-way effect to add privacy to your home.

Use Reinforced Glass

If you are thinking about replacing your windows, you may choose to have tempered glass installed. This type of glass goes through multiple heating and cooling phases to enhance its strength. They are very hard to break, which helps deter burglars. When broken, they crumble rather than breaking into thousands of pieces.

Glass Sandwich

This kind of protective window pane comes with a clear plastic film sandwiched between two glasses. The film is extremely tough, resists tear and can stretch when stressed. When the glass on either side is broken, the film stays intact. This method ensures that nothing or no one will get into your house. It even prevents water from flooding your house when it’s raining.

Plastic Windows

Also known as polycarbonate, this type of window is strong and lightweight. They also transmit light like regular glass and are indistinguishable for standard windows. The force required to break this kind of window depends upon the thickness of the pane, but they are generally tougher than glass windows. You may use them as an addition to reinforce the existing glass. You may install them on the exterior side to deter burglars.

Prolonging the life of your windows is the key to enhancing safety and security in your home. You may use window protection films to improve the strength of your existing glass. It’s also a good idea to install reinforced plastic or tampered glass as an addition to the existing windows for safety.