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How To Protect Floors From Chair Legs

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A problem faced by most office workers which isn't addressed often as it should be is how to maintain effective floor protection. Sometimes, simply carpeting an office or dining room area is not adequate since, at some point, you may need to create a good impression for any visitors coming in. In fact, with carpets at times, cleaning can be an issue.

We all know office chairs are an office staple, but they can be hard on office floors. They leave indentations in the carpet and scratches on the floor. Many office chairs have a tendency to move around on office carpet, which can lead to scratches and wear patterns.The following tips will help you protect your office floors from chair legs.

Acquire Floor Protectors

They are great and some even consider them as the best option. A good floor protector cover, such as those available here at Trio Plus will stay in place and protect your floor surface from dirt or grit. Laying them down is quick and easy and the overall look and feel of the floor is kept intact.

Consult with Trio Plus to supply you with quality, temporary floor and surface protection at an affordable price. The best part is that we offer a quick dispatch and will supply their products throughout the UK.

Sure, it is possible to use other options of keeping your flooring protected from chair leg damage. These include using a large area rug to cover the space in question. However, this would mean concealing your floor and losing mobility for the tables and chairs which may be resting on the rug.

You could opt for using plastic nail-on caps too but they are not recommended for hardwood floor protection. Also, you would need a large quantity for all the chair and table legs in the office, dining room or workspace. Another factor to consider with this option is that furniture is often replaced for one reason or the other so the caps would also need to be put in again for any new furniture items. A similar problem would be to use slide-on rubber tips which would also need replacing with new furniture bought and you may still experience the occasional scuff marks. Matching the right sizes is also something to consider.

You can also consider using office chair mats or office floor protectors which are a great way to ensure your office floors and carpeted areas remain in top condition.

If you do want to preserve the look of your office floor area and want a long-term solution which means keeping your floor protected from chairs, tables and other furniture, Trio Plus recommend our range of temporary floor protection products.

We supply a wide range of products including the award-winning Ram Board, sticky tack mats, Correx floor protection sheets and other breathable protection products, all of which are available to order online. You can call our friendly team of flooring specialists on  01372 747 555 with any enquiries. They can help with advice on which floor protection products is suitable for your requirements.