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How to Protect Carpeted Stairs From Wear & Dirt

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Whether your stairs are made of hard or soft material, you need to protect them to keep them looking new for long. Using carpets is one of the most common ways that can be used to achieve this. These can be costly; Therefore, you need to find ways to keep the carpets well-managed throughout their lifetime. Here are some of the methods you use to protect the carpet on the stairs for continued service.

Provide Disposable Shoe Covers

At times, individuals may come into the office with shoes that have gum or mud from the bottom. To keep the dirt from being transferred to your lovely carpet, purchase disposable shoe covers and have everyone that wants to use the stairs wear them.

Regular Cleaning

Most people whether at home or work make use of stairs regularly. As such, it is inevitable to have drink spillages and food being poured on the carpet. Such incidents cause the rug to stain and lose its original look in a short while. To avoid this, clean the carpet immediately you notice that some food or a drink was spilt on it.

Also, wash it routinely once a week to get rid of dust and other invisible items that can lead it to depreciate quickly. Remember not to use detergents that have harsh ingredients since these can damage not only the carpet but the floor as well. Read the manufacturer's instruction about washing the rug once you purchase it.

Protection from Direct Sunlight

The UV light from the sun is known to cause items to fade, and carpets are not left out on this. Regular exposure to the sun will lead your carpet to fade significantly. Employ the use of self-adhesive film on your windows to keep excess light from seeping into the room. These can be used concurrently with  carpet protection sheets for more protection.

Make Use of Carpet Runners

In high traffic areas like work premises, it is essential to protect carpets using carpet runners. Carpet runners absorb all liquid and keep all other solid material from getting to your carpet. These carpet protection rolls are available in several shades, but you can opt for the clear ones if you want the beauty of the carpet to be visible.

Final Word

Rather than keep replacing your carpet every so often, you can visit  Trio Plus for high-quality temporary floor and carpet protection rolls. What's more, if you reside within the UK you can receive your carpet protection sheets on the same day you order for it if you place your order before 3:00 pm.