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100cm x 100m Super Heavy-Duty 100 MU Self-Adhesive Carpet Protection Roll

£140.00 (inc VAT) £116.67 (exc VAT)
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Our 1m wide, super heavy duty carpet protection can protect large areas of carpet from almost anything you can throw at it. Highly durable and puncture resistant, it forms a barrier against footfall, dirt, and builders’ mess. It is also waterproof and paint-resistant. Because it is a full meter wide, this carpet protection film can easily cover large areas.

Our super heavy duty carpet protection is supplied on rolls, with the adhesive on the outside of the roll. This makes it easy for one person to apply. It also has no branding on it, which means that it will disappear from sight once it is laid.

When Would You Recommend Using 100 micron Carpet Protection?

We would recommend using our super heavy duty carpet protection films if you:

  • Have thick carpets, as the stronger adhesive will help them to stick better than our standard protection
  • Are expecting lots of guests with stilettos, as the extra thickness helps to protect against punctures
  • Are expecting heavy builders rubble

If you think your carpet protection will only see light footfall, or will only need to protect against spills, we would recommend using our standard carpet protection film.

Can a carpet protection product be used on my hard floors too?

Although eco-friendly and kind to carpets, carpet protectors should not be used on hard surfaces such as wooden floors. Try one of our hard surface floor protection products instead, as these are specifically formulated for that type of surface.

Sound like our super heavy duty carpet protection will give the protection you need? Then order today to get free, next-day delivery.

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