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How To Protect Carpet Whilst Moving

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At some point, when you were moving to another residence, one of the issues that could have added some pressure to your moving process, must have been, how to protect your carpet from damages. Keeping this in mind, you ought to have prioritised the safety of your carpet. Ideally, you might think that removing shoes may be the most reliable option but still not enough for  standard carpet protection. Carpet damage may end up putting a severe dent in your account. Interestingly, Trio Plus Distribution Limited provides products that guarantee standard carpet protection while moving.

Benefits of standard carpet protectors from Trio Plus Distribution.

You may have practically tried products designed to protect your carpet while moving, and none seemed to work well for your carpet. Try  Trio Plus carpet protection products and you will automatically reduce the stress you have when moving to a new office or building. One of the most unusual and practical ways of protecting your carpet while moving is using our products, the stair stick carpet protector and self-adhesive carpet protection roll.

Notably, the protectors are reliable and stick to the carpet. Additionally, the protectors are waterproof and self-adhesive. Due to their adhesive character, they protect your carpet from dust, mud, moisture and, most specifically, wear and tear. You can as well visit our product category page to learn more about the carpet protection products we distribute.

These protectors do not only protect your carpet; you will be amazed to learn that they also protect you and your helpers from falling while walking on it, due to non-slippery properties. Additionally, your carpet will as well remain clean with no stains.

Though we advise the use of the adhesive protectors, our company would advise on the following as well to protect your carpet when moving.

  • Carry lighter items to avoid dragging heavy furniture.
  • Use furniture sliders to move heavy furniture.
  • Place doormats when moving during rains.
  • Use floor runners to move your items.
  • Use plywood sheets to provide an extra layer of the floor.
  • Stair stick carpet protector and self-adhesive carpet protection roll give users a versatile carpet protection option. This reduces your cost of repair and replacement of your carpet when moving by keeping your carpet safe. The protectors may not be effective when overused, replace the carpet protector when it loses its adhesion. Choose the protectors and get 99.9% protection of your carpet only from Trio Plus.