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Floor Protection Product Guide

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If you are planning to remodel your home or move heavy furniture, consider employing a floor protection product to protect your flooring, hard and non-porous surfaces. Understand that a drop of the hammer, paint spills or a scratch from the furniture you are moving could cost you expensively in terms of repairs and replacement. Although most surface protection products are designed for particular flooring, there are some which are best suited for every type of floor. Here, we highlight some of the most effective surface protection options.

Why Consider the Protection?

Floor protectionThe right decision to the protection material you choose depends on why you need your flooring protected. Pick your material based on the tools you will use and your project. Ease of installation, the cost of the material and the space to fill should also be factored in. If yours is a paint project, for instance, or you expect a large collection of debris, get a product that can withstand that.

Ram Board

This is one of the best temporary floor protection products. Most of them are designed with patented technology, guaranteeing full protection regardless of the project. This material comes with a set of benefits, which tends to attract a large audience, including:

  • Easy installation: Ram Board materials are easy and quick to layout and anyone even those without experience can complete the installation.
  • Cost-effective: These are the most affordable protection materials and depending on your needs, they can be custom ordered.
  • Reusable: Ram Boards can be used as many times as possible. It means you do not have to dispose of them after each use.
  • Ram Boards are built with a spill guard technology, meaning they can be employed in almost every project, guaranteeing your floors of protection against mud, paint, grime, water and debris.


    This is a twin-walled polypropylene sheeting that guarantees complete surface protection. It is highly durable and comes with impressive printing capacity. This product protects the floor against the impact of dropped tools, heavy machinery, bricks and foot traffic. Correx floor protection sheets are a superior choice that are virtually impossible to tear. They are practically indestructible and have a notable resistance to flex fatigue.

    Sticky Tac Mats

    Sticky entrance mats are made from a non-slip material that is manufactured from an anti-microbial agent guaranteeing contamination-free surfaces. It is a high-track adhesive mat that is cost-effective, easy to install and dust-resistant. They are designed to capture dirt from things passing over them, including shoes from human traffic and push-cart wheels. If you are looking for a consistently clean walkway, such as at a hospital, eatery or lab, this is the product to employ.

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