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Floor Protection For Decorating

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Floor or carpet protection films come in handy when you are looking to protect your floor against paint overspray, damage, and abrasion. They can be used during the house furnishing, painting, stage setup, and exhibition set up processes. The floor protection film is clear and self-adhering in nature.

It’s naturally highly non-slip and highly resistant to tears and punctures. The film must be put in place before any work can begin on the selected project site. When the project comes to an end, all you will need to do is grab one end and easily roll it off for disposal purposes.

Proper Application of the Film


Before the application of the floor protection film can begin, you will need to start by selecting the correct product. Take your time to check the product range available at  Trio Plus Distribution Ltd., to help you make a decision on whether to purchase short-term or long-term protection films.

Also, establish whether you intend to move some heavy items around a room or just paint. Having answered the two questions, make your selection following this guideline:

  • For short-term or mid-term applications, opt for heavy-duty protection films.
  • Go for a multi-purpose film when dealing with short-term or generic mid-term applications.
  • If the carpet/floor is fragile, buy a low tack protection film. It will work well in short-term projects.

Having settled on the perfect film to use, you can now start the film application process. Make sure to:

  • Grab one end of the roll and use soft pressure to apply it to your floor’s or carpet’s edge. Slowly unwind your film and proceed to roll it across the length of your floor. You should only use steady and slow movements to unroll it.
  • As you unwind it, use the palm of your hand to press it to your carpet/floor. It’s meant to help improve adhesion.
  • As you get closer to the edge, use a pair of scissors to cut it. Repeat these steps until your floor is fully covered.
  • Go through the edges to confirm that there is an overlap of the film protection. Overlapping guarantees that dirt or paint will not filter through to your floor.

Having done this, you can now start your project without having to worry about anything.

Why Choose Trio Plus Distribution Ltd for Your Floor Protection Needs?

We offer a competitive line of products manufactured from high-quality materials. Our products are 100% waterproof, impact-resistant, and ideal for use on all surfaces. At Trio Plus Distribution Ltd., you can expect us to offer consistent service and reliable delivery at all times.