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Floor Protection For A Party

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We love parties for various reasons; food, music, and great company. However, throwing a party also has its downside from drink spillage, dropped food particles, litter and mud. While the litter and food droppings can be cleaned up in the morning without causing further damage, moisture is a different case. If your hard floor is made from tiles or wood, you may have to replace the floors after the party. Moisture can ruin wood floors - not to mention the scratches from shoes. However, you can prevent your party from turning into a flooring disaster with hard floor protection products from Trio Plus Distribution Ltd. Here are some handy tips to keep your floors protected.

Choose the right floor protection

Soft floors are easy to protect. All you need is to roll out a carpet protection film. However, hard floors require excellent floor protection products. They cannot withstand the high impact and heavy traffic. Therefore, you need to protect from scrapes and dents caused by shoes or heavy items being moved on your flooring surfaces. You can cover the party room with  Correx floor protection sheets. It will eliminate the impact of stilettos and people walking around the room. Any hard floor protection option can minimise the damage to your tiles.

Remove shoes

If you are hosting a small party of a few friends and families, you can request them to remove their shoes. However, it is probably best to warn them prior so they can carry indoor footwear if they are foot conscious. While most people understand when you request shoe removal, it may not be the best idea for a large party.

Cover high traffic areas

Instead of covering the entire floor, you can concentrate on the high traffic areas like the entrance and dining areas. Covering the entrance with ram boards can reduce the scratches from shoes. You should also protect the food areas since they are prone to spillage, and many people go to those areas for food and drinks. If your party involves children, ensure their assigned space is covered with floor protection. You can also limit the games outdoors to reduce the impact of kids jumping around the house.

Clean the spills immediately

If your floors are made of tiles, the spillages from drinks can stain the surfaces. With hardwood floors, the moisture can ruin the surface. Therefore, you should wipe off the spills as soon as they occur. If you deal with it immediately, you can minimise the damage.

The next time you are hosting a party, get hard floor protection from  Trio Plus Distribution Ltd. You will enjoy your party without worrying about the aftermath of your floors.