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A Brief History of Flooring Protection

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The floor is one of the most important parts of a building, used for protection, movement and comfort. The floor is usually made from concrete, wood or stone; however other floor protection products are being introduced into the market place due to consumer demand.

Floor Protection

Floor Protection Products

Flooring is made up of two large and separate groups: floor coverings and floor protection systems. Floor coverings can include carpet tiles, vinyl flooring, hardwood flooring and many others whereas floor protection systems can include plastic sheeting (Ram Board), Correx Sheets and tack mats. Over the years, people were looking to keep their flooring surfaces protected from dirt, dust, spillages and scrapes during construction, renovation or office moves as well as for decorating or painting, parties and entertaining or other special events with heavy traffic in place.

The History of Flooring.

The floor has been a part of many civilisations throughout history; flooring is possibly one of the first decorative floor covering materials used in homes and buildings. Evidence suggests that Stone Age people painted animal skins on cave floors and other smooth surfaces, while Roman floor mosaics were made with coloured marble or stone pieces to protect the ground from dampness and cold. In ancient China, polished limestone slabs were laid over clay floors as a means of adding beauty and warmth to their homes.

Though floor tiles have existed for centuries and possibly even eons (depending upon how you look at it), ceramic floor tiles became popular during the Roman Empire in 100 A.D., when they spread through Africa, Asia Minor, northern Europeand Spain. These flooring pieces were often made of terracotta and decorated with intricate designs to attract buyers. The floor tiles came in different colours, styles, sizes and shapes, depending upon the buyer's preferences.

It wasn't until the early 1900s that floor protection products really started to appear on the scene. In 1908, a German couple by the name of Otto and Elise Boos patented a new floor covering product called linoleum, which was a solid floor covering made from linseed oil and cork dust mixed together and poured onto floors as thick sheets. This floor covering became very popular during World War II because it was an inexpensive alternative to wood flooring, which was scarce at the time due to its use in aircraft production.

Towards the late 20th century, floor protection products such as floor runners, floor spikes and floor tape started to appear on the market. These floor protection products were unique in that they did not only protect flooring but they also helped to indicate the flow of traffic and help guide pedestrians in busy areas.

The popularity of floor protection products increased substantially during the early 1980s because people wanted a way to protect their flooring from damage caused by their children's toys. It was at this time that modern floor mats were born. Modern day floor mats are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) foam or rubber latex and provide a highly effective solution for protecting floors against wear and tear. Many different kinds, sizes and thicknesses of floor mats are available depending upon the buyer's preferences. Find out the different flooring products we have to offer at Trio Plus which include protection for floors, stairs, doors, windows and surfaces. Speak with our flooring specialists if you have any enquiries on 01372 747 555.